Parenting Support Group


Join our group to break negative family cycles and foster a healthier environment. We provide tools to move beyond learned patterns, promoting trust, communication, and respect. Gain essential parenting skills and create a supportive community for mutual growth. Our focus extends beyond behavior to emotional well-being, nurturing both your and your children's mental health. Prioritize self-care to enhance your parenting journey. If you're committed to positive change and building stronger family bonds, this group is for you.

Group Therapist

Here at The Heart of Counseling and Wellness, PLLC, we walk with our clients through their journey to healing. Our vision is to conquer the mental health territory at the community level. We aim to expand and grow mental health services across generations and cultures—from young to old, from those born here to those who traveled thousands of miles to live here.

We know some clients’ journey to healing features the stigma of mental illness. We destigmatize these issues, especially in minority communities, and advocate for those who cannot do so for themselves. Our approaches help clients decrease the time spent on healing by working collaboratively to utilize our strengths. We empower every person coming through our doors or joining us for online sessions.

We provide outstanding, professional representation with timely responses, courteousness, and a knowledgeable staff. The Heart of Counseling and Wellness—a company of people who pride ourselves on being the very best!

The Heart of Counseling and Wellness PLLC

The Heart of Counseling and Wellness PLLC is a group practice in Orland Park, Illinois specializing in child mental health, life transitions, race & cultural identity, sex addiction, trauma, and women's issues.

Tuesdays at 7pm

15030 South Ravinia Avenue, Orland Park, Illinois 60462

$40 individual $60 Couple