Postpartum Support and Embodiment Group


Have you recently given birth and feel a little (or a lot) discombobulated? Join Kristen Simons, licensed psychotherapist, yoga teacher and mother for this 6 week support group to help you reconnect with yourself and meet other new moms.

This series is for you if:

You're feeling isolated and overwhelmed by your life with a new baby (between 4 weeks and 8 months old)

You're a first time mom, a second time mom or a many time mom and looking to connect with others who can relate!

You're experiencing some discomfort post-pregnancy and birth that you have questions or concerns about

You want some simple self-regulation tools to manage stress and anxiety

This is a type of group therapy that will also have experiential components, including simple movement practices. Each class will focus on a different theme.

Week 1: Relearning Your Body After Birth: Am I Still Me?

Week 2: Pelvic Floor Care: Understanding the Healing Process

Week 3: Mental Health Strategies: Caring for Your Mind & Energy Levels

Week 4: Self-Compassion: Developing a Kinder Approach

Week 5: Finding Connection in the Chaos: Bonding, Friendship and Partnership

Week 6: Moving Forward: An Integration of Body, Mind and Spirit

You do not need to attend all six, but you are required to sign up for the whole series, as we aren't allowing drop-ins. Limited to ten in-person slots.

It is preferable for you to attend without your baby so that you can focus on yourself.

Cost: $180 for 6 sessions, skipping Jan 14 and Feb 18

Two sliding scale slots available, as well as payment plans. Just ask!

You will also receive:

Postpartum Recovery, a multi-part video course led by yoga therapist Lela Beem to help you do movement practices at home

A list of trusted local providers for additional support.

The option to join a WhatsApp chat group with the other participants

Group Therapist

Kristen Simons is a Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor who enjoys working with adults seeking her support in mitigating symptoms of anxiety, including overanalyzing and rumination, a perfectionistic drive, and people-pleasing tendencies. She also has a passion for supporting new and not-so-new birthing parents during pregnancy and postpartum in navigating the challenges of this great life change.

Kristen works with her clients to identify core values and personal strengths that shape their outlook and everyday actions and serve as a springboard for meaningful change. She works with clients to come up with realistic and actionable steps to manage difficult emotions that they can practice in everyday life. This might include skills such as mindfulness techniques, behavioral/lifestyle changes, self-compassion, or communication skills. Additionally, as a Registered Yoga Teacher, she finds it important to help clients become more in-tune with their bodies, and better understand the connection between their mental and physical symptoms. Additionally, she offers in-office or virtual private yoga sessions for those looking to explore this mind/body connection on an experiential level.

Kristen enjoys guiding her clients to a place where they can easily access self-compassion amid the stressors of everyday life, and carve out a life that aligns with their values and vision. She feels the most important part of therapy is the therapist/client relationship and brings a sense of warmth and calmness to her work with clients through a personable and conversational style.

Kristen Simons

Kristen Simons is a Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor in Evanston, IL. She sees adults across the lifespan and specializes in anxiety, depression, life transitions, mindfulness, relationships, and substance abuse. Many of her clients with anxiety have Generalized Anxiety Disorder (GAD) and/or social anxiety. They also may be navigating perfectionism and/or rumination.

Sundays 1-2:30pm for 6 weeks

1108 Davis Street, Evanston, Illinois 60201