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Terapia de Grupo en Español


La terapia de grupo es el espacio privilegiado para crecer, para aprender, para escuchar, y para verse a sí mismo reflejado en la mirada del otro. Su contención permite multiplicar la fuerza de nuestra voz, fortalecerla y crear, a la vez, un eco. Nuestro reto como facilitadores es asegurar que la fuerza del grupo tenga un impacto real en la vida de cada integrante que ha decidido ser parte de esta técnica terapéutica.

Nuestros grupos tienen de seis a siete miembros, hombres y mujeres, y dos terapeutas que facilitan el proceso. Cada sesión de grupo dura dos horas y nos reunimos semanalmente.

Group Therapist

Magdalena Beneitez is a bilingual and bicultural Marriage and Family Therapist in San Diego CA. She works with individuals, couples, families and groups who are encountering difficult dynamics or developing unhealthy/distressing emotional symptoms. Magdalena is particularly passionate about serving the Latino population.

Magdalena uses an integrative perspective. She uses the Family Systems approach as she focuses on the present and pays attention to one’s family of origin in a direct and non-confrontational manner to gain self-awareness in current relationships. The Cognitive-Behavioral approach allows her to focus on the present and interpersonal environments that perpetuate distorted/unrealistic thoughts and behaviors. This modality is directive and, actions, negotiations and contracts may be used to help modify cognitive and behavior patterns. She also uses the Positive Psychology perspective focusing on the strengths that enable individuals to thrive and the belief that people want meaningful and fulfilling lives. As a Humanistic therapist, she focuses on one’s present experience, one’s free choice and the idea that self- awareness leads to choices, responsibility and change.

Magdalena is committed to provide a safe environment, through the development of rapport and a high level of trust, where patients can identify personal challenges and achieve their goals.

Magdalena Benitez earned her Masters Degree at San Diego University for Integrative Studies. Outside of her current private practice, she loves to hike.

Magdalena Beneitez

Magdalena Beneitez is a therapist in San Diego, California specializing in anxiety, depression, adjustment difficulties & disorders, couples counseling, attachment issues, and Post-traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD).

Miercoles 5pm-6:45pm

6046 Cornerstone Court, San Diego, California 92121