Monthly Therapist Peer Support Group


This therapist peer group reviews difficult cases, explores ethical concerns and most importantly, experiences that they are not alone in our work as private practitioners. Jane guides the group process as they support and challenge each other to grow as people and as therapists. For now we are meeting by Zoom. Thsi group is full right now.

Group Therapist

Jane Mizrahi is a licensed, clinical social worker & founder of GroupsWorks, offering individual, LGBTQIA affrimative psychotherapy sessions via tele health. She works with older teens & adults, and with clients who've experienced complex trauma, who struggle with anxiety & depression, existential angst & grief. She addresses the ways in which society contributes to unwellness and the effects a cult experience may have had on one's life.

Jane uses a holistic approach, drawing from how one's body holds their story, and how to build mastery of the autonomic nervous system. She uses modaliteis of dialectical behavioral therapy, existentialism, mindfulness, healthy communication (Nonviolent Communication), and Internal Family Systems, and considers navigating the therapeutic relationship paramount in healing.

Jane offers body-based wellness strategies for her clients and emphasizes the power of hope, presence, self-compassion, and the mind-body connection.

Jane earned her Masters in Social Work from Rhode Island College in 2011 and previously served as the Clinical Director of Residential Services at Child & Family Services. She is a part time Clinical supervisor at Fuller Hospital and offers a monthly online clinical supervision group for private practitioners.

Jane's approach is authentic, flexible and dynamic in order to best meet the needs of her clients, and she might encourage her clients to incorporate creative and body-based activities into their healing process. She enjoys bearing witness to her clients' successes as they transform their historic & chronic pain to wellness.

Jane enjoys practicing yoga, meditation, walking in nature, and therapeutic writing. She penned Choreograph Your Wellness, a mental health wellness guide, published on Kindle. The guide can be a helpful supplement to your therapy process. She also created a Youtube Channel (Choreograph Your Wellness with Jane Mizrahi) offering short videos on mind body wellness teachings.

Jane Mizrahi

Jane Mizrahi is a Licensed Independent Clinical Social Worker in Providence, RI specializing in trauma, loss and grief, anxiety, depression, supporting clients from marginalized backgrounds. She sees teenagers, young adults, college students, adults, families and runs group therapy sessions.

First Friday of every month from 10-11:30.

Rhode Island (Online)

$15 per session