Unhealthy Temptations: Women Exploring Anxiety in Relationships


Join our Women's Therapy Group, a supportive space where we delve into the intersections of anxiety, relationships, and self-perception. In this empowering setting, we navigate the complexities that women often face, fostering understanding and growth.Our group aims to create a compassionate community where you can share, learn, and develop valuable insights. Whether you seek connection, self-discovery, or coping mechanisms, our Women's Therapy Group provides a nurturing environment for personal and collective empowerment. Embrace the journey with like-minded women committed to growth and well-being.

Group Therapist

Paris L. Williams is a Psychotherapist in Brooklyn, New York. Paris offers 100% virtual sessions and works with adults of all ages. Many of Paris’s clients come in to address anxiety, relationship struggles, and trauma. Paris is particularly passionate about serving relational attachment concerns. She also has advanced training in the area of Generalized Anxiety Disorder.

Paris is trained in Eclectic modality that often encompasses mindfulness practices with psychodynamic themes. She oftentimes brings attention to feelings and thoughts in the here and now and provides a safe space to express, understand, and process those feelings. Her role is an objective observer who emotionally supports and sensitively challenges the client through one's journey. In the session, Paris focuses on mindfulness practices and exploring creative ways to provide outlets to manage stressors. This approach supports clients’ awareness of their feelings and know how to work with them better. Paris's style is emotion-focused, exploratory, and non-judgmental. When clients first start therapy with her, the client and Paris will explore the client's history and discover how past influencers (mom, dad, caregivers, etc) helped them become who they are today.

Paris and the client will explore maladaptive patterns and thoughts to make different choices. Paris received her Master of Arts in Counseling degree from Lincoln Christian University. She has worked at Washington Square Institute for several years, where she successfully led 3-day relationship and career-based workshops. Outside of private practice, She enjoys roller skating, working out, socializing, and alone time.

Paris Williams

Paris Williams is a therapist in brooklyn, New York specializing in anxiety, attachment issues, relationship issues, dating, perfectionism, and self-esteem.

Thursday 6:00pm -7:00pm

New York (Online)