We Are Human After All


WAHA, a new Process Group open to all.

Potential benefits of WAHA

A safe place to discuss and deal with difficult existential issues including death and loss

Improve current relationships through the understanding of early life experiences

Safe and confidential

A place to connect with others

Resolve lingering issues

Group Therapist

Brandon Gross is a Marriage and Family Therapist located in Santa Monica, CA. Brandon specializes in working with clients who describe themselves as creatives, including those in the entertainment, the arts, and technology. Often, these clients are high performers who strive to reach perfection in everything they do. They hold themselves to such high standards that they begin to feel disappointed in themselves, despite the unrealistic nature of their goals. This tendency, which often leads to professional or social success, can lead to anxiety or conflict with loved ones. Brandon helps these clients examine their current practices and identify the areas in their lives that need healthy change.

Brandon’s approach to therapy begins with values clarification, meaning that he helps clients name what’s important to them. By examining how closely they live to their values, clients get a clearer direction for their focus. Brandon also encourages clients to reflect on their upbringings, major relationships, and past experiences with shame to explore who they are and how they connect with others. Brandon is a certified yoga teacher and incorporates mindfulness practices into his work with clients. He often teaches clients how to be more mindful about how they’re feeling, both physically and mentally. 

Brandon earned a Master’s degree in Counseling Psychology from Pacifica Graduate Institute and BA from Brown University. He was previously an executive in the technology and entertainment industry and an accomplished documentary filmmaker. He uses his experience to connect with his clients who find themselves stressed about their professional lives or who struggle with creative blocks.

Brandon Gross

Brandon Gross is a therapist in Santa Monica, California specializing in anxiety, career counseling, depression, family issues, relationship issues, and burnout.

5:30pm - 7:00pm

California (Online)