Young Adult Life Transition Group


Whether navigating your academic career or entering the workforce, the transition into young adulthood can be tumultuous and confusing. This program offers support using Acceptance and Committment Therapy to help individuals handle the pain and discomfort such life transitions bring. This program will teach relevant coping skills to assist clients reach their behavioral and emotional goals and aims to increase each client's self-confidence through identity exploration.


Participants would include individuals who are just beginning to enter the workforce or beginning their academic career. There will be a specific emphasis placed on issues related to being a first-generation student or of a similar background. I anticipate ages to range from 18 to 24. I will split the group into two separate groups according to age and needs if it becomes necessary.

Therapy Model

I will be using Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT) as the basis for my group. The primary aim of ACT is to "maximize human potential for a rich and meaningful life" by identifying what is important and meaningful and by teaching skills that can help to handle difficult thoughts and feelings.

Goals for Group

- offering support for difficult life transition

- providing relevant coping skills

- assisting clients in identifying and reaching their behavioral goals; reframing emotional goals as behavioral goals

- increasing self-esteem through identity exploration


Below is the general outline for what I plan to do, but ACT is nonlinear and some interventions or session topics may be switched around. Every session is an hour. 12 sessions total.

Session 1-2:

- identification of presenting problems as relevant to the group

- building of rapport

- identification and reframing of goals

- explanation of group and group expectations; therapy road-map

- discussion of connection between thoughts, emotions, and behaviors

Session 2-3

- ACT values interventions

Session 3-4

- ACT defusion interventions

Session 5-6

- ACT presentness (external mindfulness) interventions

Session 7-8

- ACT Noticing of self (internal mindfulness) interventions

Session 8-9

- ACT Committed action (interventions)

Session 10-11

- ACT acceptance interventions

Session 12

-Review and closing

Let me know if you need any clarification. I welcome any feedback you may have.

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