Eclectic Therapy

Eclectic Therapy is a type of therapy that describes when a therapist uses a wide range of therapy techniques to help a client. Because each client arrives in therapy with a different identity, background, personality, and preference, Eclectic Therapy addresses these differences to reach the most effective treatment plan.

What is Eclectic Therapy?

Eclectic Therapy is a therapy approach that draws the most relevant techniques from other evidence-based therapy modalities together for an effective, individualized treatment plan. Eclectic Therapists value the fact that each client is unique and has unique needs in therapy. By using an Eclectic Therapy approach, therapists can create a treatment plan that is flexible, accommodating, and comfortable for each individual client. The therapist and client won’t be stuck in one therapy modality and can instead switch between multiple approaches as appropriate.

An Eclectic therapist might bring elements of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), attachment based therapy, and nature therapy all into the same session. Each of these elements supports the client’s needs. This way, clients learn a wide range of mental health skills and can use these skills at different points in their daily routines.

What happens in an Eclectic Therapy session?

By definition, Eclectic Therapy sessions all look different, depending on the client and the client’s needs. Sometimes, therapists will utilize the same approaches as previous sessions with a client. Other times, they may introduce skills from completely new therapy modalities, depending on what the client would like to discuss.

As therapists get to know their clients, they may start relying more heavily on the therapy techniques that appear more effective than others. Some mental health tools that may appear in Eclectic Therapy include:

  • Practicing boundary-setting with family members
  • Reflecting on early childhood attachment patterns
  • Dispelling cognitive distortions
  • Examining religion’s impact on values
  • Role playing a difficult conversation

What can Eclectic Therapy help with?

Eclectic Therapy is an excellent therapy approach that helps with many mental health conditions. Nearly all clients can benefit from Eclectic Therapy, as long as the therapist is professionally credentialed and trained in supporting diverse needs of clients.

Eclectic Therapy can help clients who suffer from: