Aetna International for Therapy

Aetna International health insurance is an insurance plan for those who live outside of the US or those who frequently travel outside of the US. Generally, expats or those sent overseas by their employers attain Aetna International health insurance plans, which enables them to access healthcare in their local area and use their benefits to cover the costs of care. Aetna International covers services in over 200 countries around the world, with a network of over 1.9 million providers — including many therapists.

Does Aetna International cover therapy?

Yes, Aetna International offers its members mental health benefits, including coverage for therapy services. Aetna International understands that living abroad or making a global move can be stressful, especially if you’re bringing your family with you — or if you are away from your family for the first time. For this reason, they support their members' access to mental health services so they can get the help they need.

How do I check if my Aetna International plan covers therapy?

To check if your Aetna International plan covers therapy, read through your Summary of Benefits document, which you may have received when you first signed up for this insurance. You might also speak with your employer, as HR will have on hand more information on the company’s health insurance plans, which may include copies of your Summary of Benefits document. You can also check for this information within your Health Hub online account, which is a portal into your specific plan and benefits.

In your Summary of Benefits document, look for the category of “mental health services.” You might also look under “behavioral health” or “substance abuse” categories, as these typically also list out the coverage for sessions with a therapist. Therapy will fall under “outpatient services.” Once you’ve located this information, you can learn how much coverage you will receive from Aetna International for therapy.

How much does therapy cost with my Aetna International plan?

Aetna International offers its members different types of plans, as most of these plans come through an employer who decides which benefits to include in their offering. Because of this, there is no set cost for how much you’ll pay per session and whether there will be a copay or coinsurance.

However, Aetna International plans offer the following total annual coverage for outpatient services based on your plan:

  • Aetna Pioneer & Aetna Summit 1750 — Not covered
  • Aetna Pioneer & Aetna Summit 2500 — Paid up to 1,000 USD
  • Aetna Pioneer & Aetna Summit 4000 — Paid up to 2,000 USD
  • Aetna Pioneer & Aetna Summit 5000 — Paid up to 10,000 USD
  • Aetna Pioneer 5000+ — Paid up to 10,000 USD

Aetna International plans also offer a free counseling option for its members when they receive their plans through an employer. This free counseling option is Aetna International’s Employer Assistance Program (EAP), through which you can connect with a provider who can help you navigate services and benefits as well as find you the support you need.

What types of mental health conditions does Aetna International cover?

Aetna International highlights the following conditions or situations as being eligible for their support:

Aetna International highly encourages its members to access mental health services, particularly if they’re having a difficult time transitioning to a living in a new place. There are many other reasons to see a therapist, and Aetna International provides coverage for a much wider range of mental health conditions or situations. If you’re working with an EAP provider, they may be able to tell you which mental health conditions are covered.

What types of therapy does Aetna International cover?

Aetna International provides coverage for what they call “therapeutic counseling,” which includes individual sessions with a licensed therapist. This therapist may be located where you live, or they might practice from another country and meet with you online.

In your therapy sessions, you might encounter any of the following therapy modalities:

There are many more types of therapies covered by Aetna International, and often therapists blend approaches to offer individualized treatment.

Aetna International also offers its members access to their “Mindfulness-based stress reduction service” program, also called AWARE. In this program, they connect you with a qualified counselor who will over the course of six weeks help you put together a mindfulness plan. This mindfulness plan can help you build your inner resilience and teach you coping strategies to implement in your daily life.

What types of therapy does Aetna International NOT cover?

Aetna International will not cover any therapies that are not proven effective by scientific evidence. This means that Aetna International requires a certain degree of clinical rigor in the work you do with your therapist, which is why they rely on their large provider network, as therapists must provide their credentials to join this network.

Generally, life coaching is not covered by insurance — however, many therapists include life coaching in their offer in addition to other more clinically rigorous techniques. The same is also true for holistic approaches like reiki healing, yoga therapy, and massage therapy.

Does Aetna International cover online therapy?

Yes, Aetna International covers online therapy, as their main membership base is located overseas. While their provider network is vast and they have many hundreds of qualified therapists in locations across the world, you also have access to therapists online. Many people utilize this option for therapy, as it’s most convenient for them. This can also be a more comfortable option, without having to physically navigate attending therapy in person, which can be difficult in certain locations worldwide. This is also especially helpful when you frequently travel and cannot maintain consistent in-person visits in one location.

To this end, Aetna International offers iConnectYou, an app that gives members the ability to get in touch with their employee assistance services, which includes EAP. Through this app, you can directly phone, video call, or text with a provider so you can get the support you need in a way that’s convenient for you.

Does Aetna International cover couples therapy?

Aetna International typically does not cover couples therapy. The best option for accessing couples therapy while covered by an Aetna International plan is to utilize the EAP. The EAP counselor can help you and your partner cope with conflict, while also helping link you to useful services. They can help you navigate your specific Aetna International plan and connect with a therapist. While you might have to pay privately to access couples therapy, the EAP is a great resource for finding the right situation for you and your partner. Many people lean on the EAP to help them, and the EAP’s services are available not only for you but also for your partner and dependents.

Do I need to see my primary doctor before starting therapy?

You do not need to see your primary doctor before beginning therapy or accessing therapeutic counseling through Aetna International. When accessing the EAP, you can give your provider a call or connect with them through the iConnectYou app to set up appointments directly, without having to rely on the Aetna International team to schedule these appointments for you.