MHN/Health Net for Therapy

MHN is a subsidiary of the large health insurance company Health Net. Its sole focus is on mental and behavioral health insurance plans — they offer Employer Assistance Programs (EAP) as well as behavioral health solutions. Employers generally purchase MHN plans to support the mental health of their employees, so many people have MHN benefits in addition to their health insurance benefits.

Does MHN/Health Net cover therapy?

Yes, MHN/Health Net plans offer coverage for mental health services, including therapy. As the mental and behavioral health arm of Health Net, MHN plans offer their members options for affordable therapy.

However, each MHN/Health Net plan is different, so how much coverage each plan offers differs based on which plan your employer chose.

How do I check if my MHN/Health Net plan covers therapy?

The best place to check if your MHN/Health Net plan covers therapy is your online MHN/Health Net account. Within your account, you can find a document called the Summary of Benefits, which shows you exactly how much coverage you’ll receive per service, including therapy.

Your Summary of Benefits document will tell you whether you’re responsible for a copay or coinsurance for each of your therapy sessions. If you can’t log into your online account, ask your employer’s HR team if they have a Summary of Benefits document to share with you. Because your MHN/Health Net plan comes from your employer, you’ll be able to find out the exact details of your plan from within your company.

You can also call the customer service hotline number on the back of your MHN/Health Net insurance card if you’re still unclear about your benefits. When speaking with them, ask about your therapy benefits and how much it will cost you to work with a therapist.

How much does therapy cost with my MHN/Health Net plan?

If you access therapy through the EAP services as part of your MHN/Health Net plan, you might not have to pay anything for your sessions with a therapist. That’s because EAP services are paid for by employers, with the goal of supporting their employees mental health and wellbeing. However, EAP therapy sessions are generally capped at a certain number, which makes it an ideal short-term solution but not for a longer-term relationship with a qualified therapist.

When accessing therapy outside of EAP services, the amount that you’ll pay will depend on whether you meet with an in-network therapist or an out-of-network therapist, with in-network therapy likely costing the least. Some MHN/Health Net plans do not provide any out-of-network benefits, so be sure to understand your plan’s coverage before you start working with a therapist.

What types of mental health conditions does MHN/Health Net cover?

MHN/Health Net is dedicated to helping all of their members with their mental health, no matter what’s happening in their lives. Here are some of the many mental health conditions covered by MHN/Health Net plans:

When using your MHN/Health Net plan’s benefits to cover your therapy, your therapist may need to provide a diagnosis. This is because many health insurance plans require ongoing updates on progress, which needs to be based on a specific diagnosis.

However, EAP services often don’t require a diagnosis, making EAP a good option for you if you’re concerned about receiving a diagnosis.

What types of therapy does MHN/Health Net cover?

Your therapist will share with MHN/Health Net what type of therapy modalities they’re utilizing in your sessions — this is how MHN/Health Net assure that you’re receiving high quality, evidence-based care.

There are many different therapy approaches when it comes to therapy, and many therapists blend approaches to offer tailored sessions. MHN/Health Net provides coverage for modalities that have clinical rigor behind them, meaning that they are proven to benefit clients. These include, but are not limited to, the following types of therapy:

What types of therapy does MHN/Health Net NOT cover?

Therapy types need to be backed by clinical research to be eligible for coverage from MHN/Health Net. This excludes therapy types like life coaching, career counseling, energy work, and other modalities whose efficacy is not backed by evidence. That’s not to say that these therapy types aren’t helpful, as many people enjoy incorporating some of these additional therapies into their sessions. However, they haven’t yet been proven to significantly benefit individuals, and therefore are not covered by MHN/Health Net.

Does MHN/Health Net cover online therapy?

Yes, MHN/Health Net covers online therapy. The amount of coverage you receive for in-person therapy is the same amount of coverage you’ll receive for online therapy.

MHN/Health Net offers its members access to a website called myStrength. myStrength provides resources for individuals to use to improve their mood, including many self-help tools and educational articles. MHN/Health Net is dedicated to accessible mental health tools, which includes online therapy and online resources.

Does MHN/Health Net cover couples therapy?

The majority of MHN/Health Net plans do not cover couples therapy. MHN/Health Net relies on certain criteria for care to process your benefits, and couples therapy makes it difficult to receive a diagnosis. However, some of MHN’s EAP services offer you the option of including others into your sessions, which might include your partner.

Do I need to see my primary doctor before starting therapy?

No, you do not need to see your primary doctor before starting therapy when receiving benefits from MHN/Health Net. That is because MHN plans are PPO plans, which means that you do not need a referral before accessing specialty care, like therapy services — making it easy to start working with the right therapist for you whenever you’re ready.