Laura  Linback
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Laura Linback


Licensed Independent Clinical Social Worker, LICSW
Rhode Island Accepting Online
Updated April 20, 2023

Specialties & Expertise

  • Adjustment difficulties & disorders
  • Divorce & separation
  • Life transitions
  • Premarital counseling
  • Conflict resolution
  • Nonmonogamy, polyamory, and kink

Professional statement

Laura Linback is a Licensed Independent Clinical Social Worker located in North Providence, RI. Laura works with young adults and adults, including parents and couples. Laura’s clients present at therapy with a wide range of mental health challenges. Some would like support to get through their studies, as they face significant academic and performance pressures. Others would like to process through changes in family structure, whether that’s becoming a parent, getting divorced, or losing a loved one. Laura also helps those who would like to become more assertive and reduce people pleasing tendencies so they can prioritize their own needs.

Laura enjoys collaborating with her clients, meaning that they take an active role in planning out their treatment goals. When something doesn’t feel right in session, Laura welcomes clients to point it out so they can adjust. Laura draws from Solution Focused Therapy, a therapy modality that encourages clients to come up with small steps they can take to improve their overall wellbeing. Laura also utilizes couples counseling techniques when working with those in both monogamous and polyamorous relationships. She teaches clients how to communicate clearly and how to practice healthy coping skills when faced with distress.

Laura earned a Master’s degree in Social Work from Rhode Island College. She has over 10 years of experience working with clients, and is passionate about ensuring that all clients feel comfortable and supported in her sessions.

Message to clients

Why should you choose me as your therapist? I can’t promise you that everything will be ok, but I can promise to help you feel better prepared to face life’s problems. I do not enter into a therapeutic relationship with rigid structure or ideas of how our journey will unfold - you are an active participant in the creation of our plan. I believe that change is always possible with willing participants, and we can always find a way. I work with individuals, couples, and small groups when appropriate. I utilize many modalities along the way with a goal of providing you the skills and tools you need to tackle life.

I am flexible and always willing to shift approaches to better support you, but I will also challenge you when necessary. I specialize in relationships (romantic, platonic, family, and anything in between) and life transitions (grief & loss, changing relationship status, divorce).

You will be in a space free from judgment around how your relationships (and their issues) and life trajectory fit into societal norms. I do not work with insurance companies for a number of reasons, but primarily because I do not believe in the pathologizing of engagement in therapy. If diagnosis is important to you we can certainly discuss.


Adjustment difficulties & disorders - Support around adapting to new and/or challenging life circumstances; skill-building for improved stress management and reduction of anxiety.

Divorce & separation - Questioning or feeling unsatisfied in your relationship; contemplation and navigation of separation; addressing issues of power, voice, and communication challenges

Life transitions - Coping with difficult or impactful life changes, such as moving to a new area, relationship transitions, child rearing, or career changes; learning self-care to better manage resulting stress

Premarital counseling - Providing a safe and neutral environment for couples to explore expectations and prepare for the rewards and challenges of marriage

Conflict resolution - Learning how to effectively and compassionately communicate in the face of conflict, whether at work or in personal life

Nonmonogamy, polyamory, and kink - Exploring one’s values in and beliefs about relationships; practicing boundary-setting, conflict resolution, and romantic or sexual relationship bonding with partners


  • Adults (24+)
  • Couples
  • Parents
  • Young adults (18-24)


Laura Linback is not in-network with any insurances.

Read about the benefits of seeing an out-of-network provider here.

Out-of-pocket fees

  • Individual sessions: $150 (50min)


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Rhode Island: ISW02267