Codependency Resiliency Support Group


This virtual group is for anyone in any state of the country that is struggling with codependency. Codependency may look like putting other peoples needs above your own, trouble with boundary setting, people pleasing, and neglecting self to help and prioritize other people. This is a safe, compassionate, and small group that meets weekly at an ongoing basis. I start the group with a mindfulness exercise, check in, then bring a handout or skills related to codependency and journal prompts to build insight. Then the group comes together and shares with one another. We cover topics such as family and relationship dynamics, mindful self compassion, boundary setting, communication skills, self care, anxiety, guilt, and shame.

Group Therapist

Alyssa is an LCSW and trauma therapist based in NYC. She is licensed and see clients virtually in both NJ & MD. Alyssa specializes in working with teens, young adults, and adults with relational and complex trauma, ptsd, anxiety, burn out, codependency in relationships, people pleasing and perfectionism. She also works with anyone interested in shifting their relationship with alcohol or are sober curious.

Alyssa brings a trauma-informed, somatic, relational, and holistic approach. She holds compassion, empathy, and a warm therapeutic space. Alyssa's priority will always be to develop a safe and trusting therapeutic relationship first, and then according to need she will integrate experiential practices like somatic strategies, mindfulness skills, self-compassion development, creativity, guided meditations, and help connect mind and body. She is also formally trained in EMDR & DBT and will integrate into the collaborative individualized treatment plan if needed.

Alyssa has a professional background working as a clinical supervisor, group leader and developer, therapist, and clinical coach in group practice and various IOP/PHP settings! She received her MSW from NYU and BA from Rutgers University.

Alyssa loves to empower and challenge her clients to achieve their best, heal from the past, and develop new more helpful ways to cope with emotions and difficulties. Alyssa believes in working together to help her clients become more confident and authentic version of themselves, empowering them to prioritize their own needs. She knows it's about finding a combination of developing insight into how the past impacts present patterns, while also focusing on the here and now and taking action toward change. She finds that everyone has an innate ability to heal and progress and the therapeutic process is meant to unlock that. Alyssa looks forward to getting to know you!

Alyssa Kushner

Alyssa Kushner is a therapist in New Jersey specializing in alcohol use disorder & addiction, anxiety, codependency, perfectionism, trauma, and Complex PTSD (C-PTSD).

Wednesdays from 4:00-5:15pm EST

New York (Online)

$75 per weekly group, monthly commitments required