The Space Between: A Dance/Movement Therapy Group


Define how to maintain Self and understand emotional, mental, physical, and spiritual limits. For those feeling depleted by others, learn to come back to Self with internal and external grounding tools.
This group will include discussion, mindfulness activities, gentle breathing, and movement exploration to identify coping skills and build awareness of our limits and needs.
This group is for adults that have difficulty setting limits, feel drained by their relationships, have trauma history, or feel overwhelmed by energy given to others in stress/distress.
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Group Therapist

Amanda Mitchell is a Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor, Board-Certified Dance/Movement Therapist, and Founder of InTouch & Motion in the Irving Park neighborhood in Chicago, IL. She works with adults and couples who are struggling to understand their relationship to their inner self and their loved ones. By using an integrative and body-centered approach, Amanda is able to support clients in reconnecting to their core values and those around them.

Many of Amanda’s clients come in when stress has reached a breaking point, whether it’s due to the reemergence of traumatic past events, significant life changes, burnout at work, or loss of creativity and motivation. Stressful moments play out across the landscape of the body; by learning to tune into physical cues and sensations, Amanda helps clients to calm overwhelming emotions and move in the direction of positive change.

Amanda uses a holistic approach, grounded in traditional talk therapy, but also making space for body-centered approaches, such as meditation and mindfulness, relaxation exercises, and creative expression. Her office is a safe space to tap into the wisdom of the body, to allow old wounds to heal and the truest self to emerge.

Amanda aims for clients to leave each session with a renewed sense of peace and clarity. Her office is easily accessible from the Irving Park Blueline station.

Amanda Mitchell

Amanda Mitchell is a Licensed Professional Clinical Counselor, Board- Certified Dance/Movement Therapist, and Founder of InTouch & Motion in the Irving Park neighborhood in Chicago, IL. She sees both couples and individuals and specializes in holistic mind-body-spirit oriented therapy approaches including dance/movement therapy and mindfulness.

Every other Thursday evening (start date and time will be based on participants enrolled)

4028 W Irving Park Rd, Chicago, IL 60641, USA

$60 per group session or $330 for a package of 6 group sessions (please note: an intake session is also required for enrollment)