Eating Disorders Intensive Outpatient Program


An Intensive Outpatient Program – or IOP – is intended for those persons in need of more support than can be offered in weekly counseling or nutrition sessions. IOP is also appropriate for those persons that are transitioning from a higher level of care, such as residential treatment or a partial hospitalization program. In either case, an IOP offers both support and structure to continue the journey to recovery, while also allowing persons served to work, attend school, and maintain normal living routines.

An intensive outpatient program is structured to include both group and individual therapy. In the group sessions, individuals are at different stages in their recovery. Group members both give and receive empathy and support, relate to the challenges and stages of recovery, and build a sense of community to feel a genuine connection to others. The Bayberry IOP model consists of different group experiences, including emotional processing groups, skills development groups, and mind-body (or experiential) groups.

All persons enrolled in the IOP receive weekly individual sessions from a team member. The primary goal of the individual sessions is to review the treatment plan and discuss progress in the recovery journey. This may include conversations and coordination with the extended treatment team (e.g., a primary care physician, psychiatrist, or nutrition professional).

Group Therapist

Individual and Group Therapy for Eating Disorders and Co-occurring Mood Disorders

We are an in-person Mental Health Intensive Outpatient Program with an emphasis on behavioral health interventions for eating and mood disorders.

Eating disorders can be chronic-complex conditions, especially when co-occurring with trauma or mood disorders (i.e., depression, anxiety). Bayberry offers a person-centered, holistic, and evidence-based treatment approach to help our clients on their recovery journey.

Bayberry Center for Eating Disorders

Bayberry Center for Eating Disorders is a group practice in Providence, Rhode Island specializing in anorexia nervosa, binge eating disorder, bulimia nervosa, eating disorders & disordered eating, trauma, and mood disorders.

Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday (Mornings 9 AM - 12 PM & Evenings 5:30 PM - 8:30 PM)

291 Waterman Street, Providence, Rhode Island 02906

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