Interpersonal Therapy Group


Available openings in a process group focused upon empowering the members to build social skills and self confidence, increase self awareness, and develop stronger relationships. Members come to the group with challenges related to developmental trauma, anxiety, depression and relational issues. The group members are hard working and reflective, offering each other their unique perspective and feedback as they share challenges in their lives and communicate their feelings with each other.

Group Therapist

Jennifer DeSouza, LICSW is a Clinical Social Worker based in East Arlington, MA. Jennifer sees clients 18 years of age and older and offers session remotely and in person to meet the needs of today's busy schedules. In addition to individual work she also offers group psychotherapy.

Clients come to Jennifer seeking to address issues related to mood and anxiety, to manage curent challenges and to adaptively cope with relationships and unresolved childhood experiences. Her clients may have a sense that past experiences continue to impact their current life, relationships and ability to feel connected and satisfied in their lives. They may have engaged in others therapies that didn't seem helpful.

Jennifer promotes meaningful change by creating a collaborative enviornment coupled with a warm, interactive approach. Her theraputic approach is eclectic and she utilizes techniques drawn from somatic experiencing, attachment theory and psychodymanic psychotherapy. Through collaboration with the client Jennifer emphasizes the theraputic relationship as an agent for change. She places importance on connecting the mind and body to promote an integrated experience.

Jennifer has 20 years experience as a clinician and is a Certified Group Psychotherapist. She has participated in a significant post graduate training in attachment theory, relationship dynamics, group therapy and trauma informed care. Her office is located in East Arlington and is accessible by public transit. Jennifer see clients on-line and in-person depending upon preference.

Jennifer DeSouza

Jennifer DeSouza is a therapist in Arlington , Massachusetts specializing in anxiety, trauma, attachment issues, and depression.

Wednesday 7:30-8:45

Arlington, Massachusetts

$70.00 Out of network insurances accepted