Mindfulness-based Relapse Prevention


Mindfulness-based relapse prevention (MBRP) is a program integrating mindfulness practices and relapse prevention skills to help prevent or manage relapse from addiction. Participants will learn methods for coping with urges and cravings from alcohol and other drugs that might be triggers for relapse.

Mindfulness can provide a skillful way of coping with urges and craving that involves observing them, without being wiped out or consumed by them. Additionally, mindfulness provides a state of cognitive awareness in which one can more easily see the "big picture" instead of giving into one's usual conditioned and habitual behaviors. Finally, a mindful approach can help reduce the tendency of the mind to exacerbate negative emotional states lowering the stigma, shame, blame, and guilt commonly experienced by people who struggle with addictive behaviors.

No experience with meditation is necessary! Mindful awareness is an easy and accessible skill to learn and use, even if you have struggled with meditation practices in the past. MBRP is complementary to 12-step work or as a stand-alone recovery program.

Group runs for 8 consecutive weeks and is limited to a maximum of 4 participants. Sessions are 1 hour each and held virtually.

Vikki is a licensed psychotherapist and addiction counselor. She is an experienced group facilitator and has a knack for making mindfulness fun and accessible to everyone.

Group Therapist

Victoria (Vikki) Dial is a licensed professional counselor and addictions counselor in Colorado. Many of Victoria's clients come in to address anxiety, depression, trauma, or substance use, as well as relationship difficulties and life transitions. She welcomes adult individuals across the lifespan to her practice, which is located in Louisville, and open to clients across the state. 

Victoria works with clients to better understand the experiences that have shaped their present difficulties. She guides clients to examine how outdated, inaccurate beliefs about themselves, others, and their worldview influence thoughts and feelings. Depending on the challenges a client is facing, Victoria utilizes her training in Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR), Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT), mindfulness practices, motivational interviewing, and narrative approaches. 

Additionally, Victoria often integrates mindfulness techniques and somatic (body-based) interventions to promote post-traumatic growth. This gentle, holistic approach ensures clients feel safe and supported. Clients are able to develop greater resilience and are empowered to overcome adversity; as a result, they experience positive change related to their self-esteem and self-worth, connection with others, and perspective on life’s problems.

Victoria received her MA in counseling from Regis University. Before private practice, she worked in the criminal justice system in various roles. She was a victim's advocate; a juvenile restorative justice program facilitator; a therapist in a correctional facility, and drug court treatment provider. Outside of her work, she enjoys hiking, camping and spending time in nature. She loves art, good movies and books, yoga, sports, knitting and spending time with family and friends.

Victoria Dial

Tuesdays at noon

Colorado, USA

$350 for 8 weeks; includes individual 30 minute coaching session