Womens Talk Circle


If you are a woman between the ages of 30 to 42 and in need of social support and a cathartic outlet please contact us to be placed on our list to join this group and someone from our office will contact you within 48hours.

Group Therapist

Conscious Puzzles',Clinical Director, Princess Okieme, LCSW.,spent ten years of her professional career as a Clinical Social Worker and Behavioral Therapist working in clinic with autistic children as well as with cognitively challenged adults. Ms. Okieme ensures that the Clinical team provides high quality mental healthcare to patients.

As a patient, you will be linked with a highly skilled professional that have experience working with children between the ages of 0 to 18 and their families, veterans, immigrants, domestic abuse victims and neuro-divergent children and adults. As well as, individuals with severe and persistent mental illness and co-occurring disorders, who have a history of and/or are at high risk for homelessness, incarceration and/or institutionalization.

Our staff will assist patients with developing a better understanding of who they are, root cause of their challenges and a better understanding of how their environment has a direct impact on their overall functioning.

We are effective in helping patients to recognize their strengths and putting them into action, in order to assist them with quickly incorporating coping mechanisms that can help them manage and/or decrease their challenges.

Conscious Puzzles

Conscious Puzzles is a group practice in Napa, California specializing in ADHD, anxiety, autism spectrum disorder, child mental health, depression, and stress management.

3rd Sundays of every month 12pm to 2:30pm

California (Online)

$75 or Insurance Accepted