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At our core, we’re all longing for safe and secure connections. And yet our relationships to ourselves and our internal experiences can often be characterized by irritation, distrust, inner turmoil, and doubt. We'll guide you to compassionately reconnect to the clarity and balance that’s available when the incessant chatter in your mind and in your body can be taught to cease. You don’t need to do this alone!

Our approach validates that we all get stuck in painful patterns, and that it’s possible to change your relationships to those patterns to make room for the development of new experiences of insight, self-acceptance, stability, and personal growth. We’ll accompany you on a journey to heal emotional wounds, to access more inner calm, and to embody the best version of yourself so you can get into the action of living an engaged life.

I’m very proud of who we are and what we stand for at Eclipse Therapy Group. Each of us has come to this work as a second career, and we’re all personally familiar with the experience of struggle, trauma, and feeling stuck. Like all therapists, our training has taught us how to offer therapeutic principles to our clients, but at Eclipse Therapy Group, we intimately know what this process feels like. Everyone on our team has received that guidance and support from others, and more importantly, we’ve done the hard work of applying these principles in our own lives. We are grateful for the chance to walk along side you as you apply them in yours.


What services does your practice offer?

We provide individual therapy to adults of all ages. couples/marriage therapy, and we offer both in person meetings as well as virtual "teletherapy."

We collaborate closely with other providers such as psychiatrists and other prescribers, adjunct therapists, and family members where appropriate.

What are your practice's specialties?

We work with adults of all ages who have "human" problems. We specialize in challenges such as depression and anxiety, interpersonal and relationship problems, life transitions, grief and loss, substance misuse, and trauma.

While these diagnoses and labels may capture the nature of your reason for seeking therapy, we find that it more likely that our clients are simply struggling with experiences such as lack of confidence, low self worth, guilt or shame, worry and uncertainty, loneliness, interpersonal stress, or difficulty navigating life's challenges, or even struggling with big global issues that can cause us to feel confused and overwhelmed.

In addition, we often work with unique populations such as entrepreneurs, executives, creative / artistic folks, and those with executive functioning challenges that challenge their abilities to succeed in their chosen areas of school, work, and life.

Why should I choose your practice?

Something that makes us unique is that we have all found successful careers, and lives through our own process of struggling. Each of us has come to the the mental health field as a second career. We know the experience of struggling with life choices that did not fully resonate with who we are and what we love and value.

In addition to having travelled this path of renewal ourselves, we are dedicated to becoming experts in therapeutic modalities that specialize in helping humans to find the meaning, purpose, and relationship to self that makes it possible to thrive in the face of difficult challenges. What this means for you is that the process we will offer to you is one of hope and encouragement, not one of criticism, and shame.

We aim help you discover the light within you that makes life worth living.

How does payment work at your practice?

We have a credit card processing system where you're able to securely place a card on file that will be charged at the conclusion of each session.

We are out of network providers, and are happy to provide statements for insurance reimbursement, but to not directly accept insurance.

We have fees that we think can work for everyone that range from $100 to $190. We're confident that you will find one of our therapist to be a good match for your preferences and budget.

Head of Practice's Licensure

Pennsylvania: CW016140 - New Jersey: 44SC04562200 - Delaware: Q1-0001429


English, Spanish


Anxiety - Coping with excessive worry, nervousness, or stress; intense discomfort in social settings (social anxiety); sudden and intense feelings of panic (panic disorder)

Couples counseling - Addressing relationship challenges and life transitions; strengthening communication and feelings of security, desire, connection, and love

Depression - Providing support and promoting healing of hopelessness, low motivation and energy, sadness, irritability, sleep disturbance, and loss of interest and pleasure in life

Life transitions - Coping with difficult or impactful life changes, such as moving to a new area, relationship transitions, child rearing, or career changes; learning self-care to better manage resulting stress

Relationship issues - Understanding one’s wants and needs in relationships; exploring patterns of interaction, addressing concerns, and strengthening satisfaction in relationships and dating

Trauma - Coping and healing after threatening or scary events, such as witnessing accidents or experiencing sexual, verbal, emotional, or physical abuse


  • Adults (24+)
  • Couples
  • Parents
  • Seniors (65+)
  • Young adults (18-24)

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Eclipse Therapy Group is not in-network with any insurances.

Read about the benefits of seeing an out-of-network provider here.

Out-of-pocket fees

  • Individual sessions:$190 (50min)
  • Sliding scale:$100 - $190

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