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Elnur Gajiev(He/Him/His)

Psychologist, PsyD
New YorkHawaii
Life coaching-Entrepreneur mental health-Life purpose & meaning-Mind-body connection-Peak performance- Life transitions-

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Professional statement

Dr. Elnur Gajiev, known by most simply as Dr. El, is a Creative Psychologist, Wellness Coach, and Business Consultant. He specializes in guiding individuals eager to enact meaningful change, align their actions with their core values, and cultivate a grounded sense of resilience to meet life's challenges. His clients include ambitious professionals, creatives seeking to enhance their personal and professional lives, and anyone in between who aims for a life defined by purpose, presence, power, and fulfillment.

Dr. El's approach to counseling and coaching is integrative, drawing upon the rich fields of Neuroscience, Wellness, and Creative Psychology. This holistic methodology is designed to support individuals enjoy substantial and sustainable growth, enabling them to tap into their own wisdom and agency to evolve at an expedited, though organic, pace. By tailoring his approach to each unique individual, Dr. El empowers his clients to discover and utilize their inherent strengths and impressive capacities.

With a solid background that spans various domains, Dr. El brings a wealth of experience and expertise to his practice. His credentials are not only academic — including being selected as an esteemed Fulbright Scholar — but also practical, having worked extensively in both clinical settings, startups, and private consultancy. This blend of experiences ensures that his approaches are comprehensive, relevant, and effective.

For individuals looking to explore counseling and coaching services that are deeply personalized, scientifically informed, and creatively delivered, Dr. El provides a path toward truly inspiring growth and transformation. His commitment to his clients' well-being and success is evident in every aspect of his work, making him a sought-after psychologist and coach for those ready to journey towards a more fulfilled life.

Message to clients

Embarking on a journey with counseling and coaching is a profound step toward growth — one that can also feel a bit daunting. I understand because I've been there myself, which is why I'm committed to making this process as accessible, acceptable, and welcoming as possible. My hope for you is to find not only immediate support but also lasting transformation that resonates through all aspects of your life.

In our sessions, you'll find an accepting space dedicated to exploring your unique story. We'll tailor our approach to suit your specific needs, drawing from a wide range of proven tools and techniques. My goal is for you to uncover and tap into your inner strengths, navigate life's challenges with greater resilience and well-being, and align your daily life with your deepest values and boldest aspirations.

I welcome an introductory call with all prospective clients. This gives us a chance to connect and get a sense of how well we would collaborate on your path to growth. For more insights into my approach, I invite you to visit my website at Dr-El. com.

I look forward to taking this first step together toward unlocking your potential and embracing the life you envision.


New York: 024060 - Hawaii: 1772




Life coaching - Identify intentions & implement strategies to align actions & habits to work towards intentional goals & aims. Also, build resiliency to navigate life's challenges & changes with clarity, compassion, & confidence.

Entrepreneur mental health - Align your vision with systems & strategies to optimize operational efficiency & amplify your impact & reach. Foster a culture of innovation & creativity to drive growth in dynamic markets. Implement sustainable systems that ensure long-term success & adaptability.

Life purpose & meaning - Clarify your purpose in this particular chapter of your life, while honing your values and life principles to craft more moments of true meaning for you. Cultivate meaningful connections to deepen intimacy and empathy to improve your relationships.

Mind-body connection - Nurture a sustainable wellness practice, tailored to your unique needs. Achieve balance of mind & body for improved performance, presence, peace, and permeating well-being.

Peak performance - Clarify & cultivate the habits, practices, & mindsets that empower you to perform at your very best, overcoming overwhelm, doubt, or burnout, while fostering ample energy to embody your fullest potential.

Life transitions - Navigate meaningful life changes, such as moving to a new area, relationship transitions, child-rearing, or career changes; learning how to better manage the inevitable peaks and valleys with greater composure, compassion, and calm.


  • Adults (24+)
  • Young adults (18-24)

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  • Individual sessions:$250 (60min)

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