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Welcome to Valiance Counseling & Coaching!

Valiance is a premier counseling and life coaching group practice located in Milford, CT. We're committed to being industry leaders in the mental health and coaching space. By focusing on blending superior mental health care services with a dedication to hospitality, we're committed to delivering the single best counseling experience you or your family has ever had.

Our dedicated team of professional counselors and therapists are experts in the fields of child, adolescent, emerging adult, and young professional mental health. Each team member has a background as a high performing coach, athlete, or performer, which allows us to stylistically blend exceptional mental health care with elite level coaching to help you get back on the path to feeling and doing better in your life!

We're thrilled that you've considered us as a potential resource and we're grateful for your consideration. Click TODAY to book your free consultation call and learn how we can help you or someone you know!

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What services does your practice offer?

We offer services to support individuals and their families overcome challenges facing children (aged 10+), adolescents, emerging adults, and young professionals. Here's a look at some of the service areas we support best:

-Individual Counseling

-Failure to Launch & Emerging Adult Challenges

-Substance Abuse & Use Disorders



-Behavioral Health Life Coaching

-Life Coaching for Men & Women

-College Life Coaching

-Career Coaching

-Executive Functioning Coaching

-College Counseling

What are your practice's specialties?

We specialize in treating any and all challenges that child, adolescents, emerging adults and young professionals face.

Our ideal clients are struggling through difficult transitions, presenting as though they are unmotivated, stuck, lost, unsure, anxious, afraid, apathetic or depressed. We help the stuck get unstuck, the unmotivated, find purpose, and the lost find direction. We'll help high schoolers navigate the ups and downs of relationships, school work, college prep and beyond. We'll help college students navigate finding their path, or help those that stumble out of the gates, get back on their feet with strong executive functioning skills and good coaching. We'll help young professionals and early staged parents navigate that season of life and find meaning in balancing demands while investing in what matters most.

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Why should I choose your practice?

We believe that good therapists should not only be experts in treating mental health challenges, they should be models of taking care of themselves personally and professionally. We believe that good mental health care should feel like a 5 star experience. It should be remembered, and relationships that are formed with our counselors should be secure, private, trusted and impactful. We believe we deliver a counseling experience that blends professional skill with real world coaching and practical solutions. Not everyone counselor is a coach, nor is every coach a counselor, but at Valiance, we are both.

We know it takes courage to ask for help and that if you've made it this far, you're one of the valiant ones. Click TODAY to book your free consultation and we'll ensure you are treated with the trust, care, and respect that you and your family deserve.

How does payment work at your practice?

We do not accept insurance at Valiance. All services are out-of-network. We will provided coded superbills when appropriate (the majority of our clients receive these) that can be sent to your insurance carrier for reimbursement.


Head of Practice's Licensure

Connecticut: 009370 - Virginia: 0904015773




Academic challenges - Addressing underperformance in coursework, school avoidance, and procrastination

ADHD - Skill-building and support around organizational challenges, distracted attention, procrastination; building and maintaining healthy routines and structure

Anxiety - Coping with excessive worry, nervousness, or stress; intense discomfort in social settings (social anxiety); sudden and intense feelings of panic (panic disorder)

Career counseling - Support around personal and professional growth; clarifying career goals and implementing steps toward building a fulfilling career and meaningful work-life balance

Depression - Providing support and promoting healing of hopelessness, low motivation and energy, sadness, irritability, sleep disturbance, and loss of interest and pleasure in life

Life transitions - Coping with difficult or impactful life changes, such as moving to a new area, relationship transitions, child rearing, or career changes; learning self-care to better manage resulting stress


  • Adults (24+)
  • Children (<12)
  • Families
  • Teenagers (13-18)
  • Young adults (18-24)

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Valiance Counseling & Coaching is not in-network with any insurances.

Read about the benefits of seeing an out-of-network provider here.

Out-of-pocket fees

  • Individual sessions:$195 (60min)
  • Sliding scale:$150 - $195

Additional session information

Out-of-network billing options

This provider can support you in getting reimbursement from your insurance company if you are seeking out-of-network reimbursement. Here are the out-of-network billing options they provide:

  • Super billing
Payment options
  • Cash
  • Credit Card
  • Debit Card
Session frequency

Frequency of sessions this provider offers to see clients once you are an established client.

  • Weekly
  • Monthly
  • Every other week
  • Multiple times a week
Therapist's note

Coded superbills will be available for all clinical mental health services rendered.

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