Couples counselors in New York

Lama  Khouri

Lama Khouri

303 5th Avenue, New York, NY, 10016

Out-of-pocket-fees: $175 - $250 per session

Psychotherapy is a clearing in a world that often overwhelms us and brings us pain and anguish, as well as joy and happy memories. Your psychotherapist's office is a safe place where you can stop, take your time, look, listen to yourself. A place to go when you feel stuck.
All of us humans have a problem to solve. It could be specific–a relationship, a job, a tormenting thought that won’t go away, trouble with food or drink, a death, a marriage. Or it could be more enigmatic – a vague feeling something is wrong, a heaviness of spirit, a blank in the mind. Or perhaps it is as simple, and as complex and universal, as the need to make sense of life.
But even when are clear about our problems, solutions are often illusive and harder to hold. Solutions cannot be ‘one-size-fits-all.’ Traversing life impasses requires, compassionate attention, steadfast effort, and care. Psychotherapy would give you a chance to delve into your complexity and depth and sufferings in the presence of another person—a professional in your corner, a witness whose presence makes your struggle bearable..
Psychotherapy is often open-ended: it may be short, long, or in-between. It is a process, a set of procedures, in which two people work hard together to understand the inner life of one of them. Think of psychotherapy as a particular kind of know-how–a knowing how to know yourself – that you can make your own and, when you are ready to go it alone, take along with you into the world.

Lenore   Migdal

Lenore Migdal

838 West End Avenue, New York, NY, 10025

Out-of-pocket-fees: $10 - $300 per session

Fear or trepidation often holds people back from doing what they need to do to take the essential journey for themselves, for their growth and well being. In my years of being a psychologist, I have been blessed with seeing amazing growth and beautiful changes in the people I have worked with. So, be brave. Take the step. Make the phone call. You will, in the end, be happy that you have done this for yourself.  

Rebeca  Gonzalez-Scherman

Rebeca Gonzalez-Scherman

450 West 24th Street, New York, NY, 10011

Out-of-pocket-fees: $300 per session

Finding the right person to talk to about what’s going on for you is key to feeling better. Sometimes, you don’t even realize how much it helps until you get to experience having a space just for yourself with a trained person who will help you understand yourself. It’s couargeous to reach out and it’s the most helpful thing you can do for yourself.

Michael  Mongno

Michael Mongno

100 West 67th Street, New York, NY, 10023

Out-of-pocket-fees: $160 - $200 per session

In working with me, you can expect to achieve real change in real time. Together, we foster greater emotional atunement and self-awareness, which provide the foundation for all change. By cultivating compassion for yourself, you will learn the self-care mechanisms necessary in managing anxiety and upsetting emotions.

I will help you discover and express your Authentic Self with aliveness, confidence and personal power. You will learn the relationship skills to effectively define your needs while honoring those of others. With empathy and engaging presence I will assist your self-discovery and the actualization of your innate potentials.

Susan  Birne-Stone

Susan Birne-Stone

2725 Harway Avenue, Brooklyn, NY, 11214

Out-of-pocket-fees: $150 - $250 per session

If your best friend was experiencing what you are experiencing, would you advise them to get help? Be your own best friend. Make the call! I offer 10 minute complimentary phone or video consultations to discuss how I can help you.

Mary  Breen

Mary Breen

2 West 45th Street, New York, NY, 10036

46 Guion Street, Pleasantville, NY, 10570

Insurances: Wellfleet Student (formerly Consolidated Health Plans), NYU Student Health Insurance (Wellfleet / Cigna PPO)
Out-of-pocket-fees: $125 - $250 per session

Therapy is a refuge for you to work through conflict, unpack painful experiences, and ultimately gain a more compassionate understanding of yourself. It is a way of discovering truth and layers of meaning together with someone who offers support, respect, and an unbiased perspective. I am a licensed psychotherapist with over a decade of experience guiding men and women towards more productive, balanced, and meaningful lives.

Zev  Alexander

Zev Alexander

New York, NY, 10001

Out-of-pocket-fees: $225 - $475 per session

We are all complicated and our lives and stories make us who we are today. I believe that being in therapy is a chance to look at ourselves and adjust how we approach opportunities and explore what is getting in the way of our success and gratification. I am a psychiatrist who prefers to work with patients more frequently and more deeply than just prescribing medications. When people ask me what I specialize in I try and explain that my speciality as a psychiatrist and psychoanalyst is my approach. The technique is to work together and explore what brings you to treatment and then as our relationship develops, it is possible the goals will change, the so called diagnosis may shift, and we may move in a new direction. It is a dynamic process and we both must remain open and curious. The approach of looking deeper can help with more than just having less symptoms, it enables real personality, behavior, and life changes. I have a particular interest in couples therapy. I offer telepsychiatry at flexible times.

Michael  Kinsey

Michael Kinsey

51 West 86th Street, New York, NY, 10024

Insurances: FIT Student Health Insurance (United Healthcare), United Healthcare Student Health Plan, New School Student Insurance (United Healthcare Student Resources)
Out-of-pocket-fees: $125 - $200 per session

Trust your gut.  If something in my profile speaks to you, reach out and we'll set up a time to meet.

You'll know in the first hour whether I get your struggle and if the vision I have for your treatment aligns with yours.

Mark Thomas Rinzel

Mark Thomas Rinzel

345 7th Avenue, New York, NY, 10001

Insurances: Cigna, NYU Student Health Insurance (Wellfleet / Cigna PPO)
Out-of-pocket-fees: $100 - $250 per session

I provide a safe environment for patients who do not often feel comfortable being vulnerable or honest with others.

Alisa  Rosenberg

Alisa Rosenberg

312 West 91st Street, New York, NY, 10024

Out-of-pocket-fees: $250 - $275 per session

While I am an evidence-based trained clinical psychologist, I am unique because I integrate these traditional approaches to treatment with the metaphysical, spiritual, and nonconventional ideas I feel so drawn to as a person. My approach is strongly spirit and energy based, using metaphors, visualizations, and paying attention to intentions, emotions, and intuition as paramount in self-discovery, and in moving through one’s life path. I believe clients who are drawn to me are an energetic “match” and that we will have something to offer each other in the way of personal development. In that, I am genuinely looking forward to beginning our therapy connection.

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