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Dawn  Ippoliti

Dawn Ippoliti

25 West 26th Street, New York, NY, 10010

Out-of-pocket-fees: $150 - $225 per session

I know it is a difficult decision to start therapy and often times people can even feel conflicted about whether or not they are ready, or the time is right. I acknowledge your courage for beginning the process and taking action to move in a new direction. I look forward to working with you to achieve your goals.

Edy  Nathan

Edy Nathan

360 West 34th Street, New York, NY, 10001

Out-of-pocket-fees: $250 per session

Meet the self and discover ways to get to the best you possible. You are the best teacher and the holder of knowledge.

Pei-Han  Cheng

Pei-Han Cheng

6 East 39th Street, New York, NY, 10016

Out-of-pocket-fees: $275 per session

It’s very empowering to recognize what you need and actively solve the problems. Through the journey of discovering yourself, breaking from unhelpful patterns, and practicing new skills or new ways of relating to people, you can thrive and enjoy life better. My clients set off for this journey in the warm, supportive space I provide.

Lama  Khouri

Lama Khouri

303 5th Avenue, New York, NY, 10016

Out-of-pocket-fees: $175 - $250 per session

Psychotherapy is a clearing in a world that often overwhelms us and brings us pain and anguish, as well as joy and happy memories. Your psychotherapist's office is a safe place where you can stop, take your time, look, listen to yourself. A place to go when you feel stuck.
All of us humans have a problem to solve. It could be specific–a relationship, a job, a tormenting thought that won’t go away, trouble with food or drink, a death, a marriage. Or it could be more enigmatic – a vague feeling something is wrong, a heaviness of spirit, a blank in the mind. Or perhaps it is as simple, and as complex and universal, as the need to make sense of life.
But even when are clear about our problems, solutions are often illusive and harder to hold. Solutions cannot be ‘one-size-fits-all.’ Traversing life impasses requires, compassionate attention, steadfast effort, and care. Psychotherapy would give you a chance to delve into your complexity and depth and sufferings in the presence of another person—a professional in your corner, a witness whose presence makes your struggle bearable..
Psychotherapy is often open-ended: it may be short, long, or in-between. It is a process, a set of procedures, in which two people work hard together to understand the inner life of one of them. Think of psychotherapy as a particular kind of know-how–a knowing how to know yourself – that you can make your own and, when you are ready to go it alone, take along with you into the world.

Kore  Nissenson Glied

Kore Nissenson Glied

220 East 54th Street, New York, NY, 10022

Out-of-pocket-fees: $250 - $275 per session

I work with clients to help get unstuck from painful thoughts and feelings. Clients learn skills to begin living a life more in line with their values and the person they want to be.

Merritt  Stewart

Merritt Stewart

360 West 118th Street, New York, NY, 10026

Insurances: United Healthcare, Optum
Out-of-pocket-fees: $150 - $175 per session

Beginning therapy is both courageous and empowering. You are making an investment in yourself that will benefit your health, relationships, career, and overall sense of well-being. Do you wish to address specific problems and challenges or more long-standing concerns? Is it difficult to identify your needs, but only know that you want to feel better? You are not alone. We will work collaboratively to assess your needs and achieve your treatment goals.

I believe that successful therapy addresses both current symptoms and underlying causes. Our current moods, behaviors and functioning are the results of a combination of past experiences, genetics, and social/environmental stressors. By not examining or giving expression to our unique histories, we allow traumas to build up over time, resulting in negative thought patterns, self-destructive behaviors and emotional pain. Therapy can assist you with integrating your life experiences, by altering negative patterns of thinking and behavior, improving coping skills and reducing emotional distress.

I employ an integrative approach to treatment, adapting to the unique needs of each client. I believe that you are the expert on you and that therapy is a collaborative process. Oriented in trauma informed care, I utilize psychodynamic, family systems, strengths-based, interpersonal, relational, humanistic, and CBT modalities. I offer a safe, compassionate and judgement- free space for us to explore your concerns.

Catherine  Silver

Catherine Silver

39 West 32nd Street, New York, NY, 10001

Out-of-pocket-fees: $200 per session

In today's society trying to lose weight, fad diets and filtering your photos seem to be the unfortunate norm. How do you know when you've crossed over into problematic territory? Maybe you're stuck in a cycle of dieting and overeating. Perhaps you can't stop thinking about calories no matter how hard you try. There might be certain food rules that you can't help but follow, even though you know they make no sense at all. That number on the scale seems to define your worth and even gets in the way of you being present with loved ones or achieving your goals. Our relationship to food and our bodies are deeply personal and complex and it deserves a treatment that is equally as sophisticated. Together we will work to identify your goals, understand what is driving these behaviors and most importantly, heal the relationship between your mind and body.

Michele  Kabas

Michele Kabas

220 East 24th Street, New York, NY, 10010

24 Oak Drive, Syosset, NY, 11791

Out-of-pocket-fees: $175 per session

Life can be challenging sometimes. I invite you to positively change your life. By working together in a supportive, accepting, and interactive environment, you can feel more empowered to make better choices for yourself and experience more joy in your life. I specialize in working with adolescents and adults who may be dealing with eating or body image issues, feeling depressed or anxious, or who may be thinking of a separation or divorce. My goal is to help each person grow through self-awareness and reach their greatest potential for happiness and self-fulfillment.

Renee  Obstfeld

Renee Obstfeld

31 Washington Square West, New York, NY, 10011

Out-of-pocket-fees: $225 per session

My practice is devoted to helping people feel more in control of their lives and their actions. Often, I see people who struggle with shame that precludes curiosity or understanding, and locks them in self defeating cycles. These symptoms and patterns are problematic, confusing, and painful. However, exploration in treatment consistently reveals their origins as adaptations to stressful early relationships or situations. I adhere to a trauma-focused treatment that allows clients to reconnect with their inner resources and develop more effective coping strategies. Whether or not one enters treatment identifying a discrete traumatic event, I find this modality best addresses the inner struggles and disconnect experienced by so many. I use a variety of techniques to help people discover a more embodied, alive, secure way of being.

Alexander  Kriss

Alexander Kriss

Sleepy Hollow, NY, 10591

Insurances: Blue Cross Blue Shield
Out-of-pocket-fees: $200 - $250 per session

The road to healing can be winding and rough, and is best not traveled alone. My approach prioritizes creating a safe and open space in which to develop a deep understanding of who you are and how to pursue the life you want to live. Rather than offering ‘quick-fixes’ I endeavor to help you implement meaningful, lasting change and a sense of empowerment and inner freedom.

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