Mission & Core Values

Zencare is a mission-driven organization. We turn to our mission and core values with every decision we make as a team and business.


To empower the pursuit of quality mental healthcare and self-driven change.

Our core values

Drive change with (com)passion.

1. Leverage your (com)passion. We are united by our passion for a common mission. We believe wholeheartedly in what we do and leverage our strengths in individual roles for the good of the care seeker.

2. Be a force of positive change. We push industry boundaries to discover and pursue new solutions. We’re dedicated to solving a social problem and continually innovating in the mental wellness space.

3. Be curious & inclusive. We believe mental healthcare is for everyone. We ask questions and expand the conversation to include viewpoints that are different from our own.

Relentlessly improve.

4. Embrace feedback. We respond quickly and receptively to feedback from users, customers, and each other as the most efficient means of company, product, and self growth.

5. Pursue professional and personal growth. We strive for constant self-improvement, both personally and professionally.

6. Ruthlessly prioritize. There are a million things we could work on; we always prioritize what will most further the mission.

Lead with care and respect.

7. Sustain a caring meritocracy. We are driven by goals and measurable outcomes but never lose sight of the people behind them. We are dedicated to our team members’ professional development as each others’ biggest cheerleaders.

8. We over me. We lend a hand where it is needed; no problem is too big or too small for any team member.

9. Wellness first. We take care of our own wellness, the wellness of our team members, and the people we serve.

Stay humble, positive, and practice integrity.

10. Act with humility and respect. We know it is a privilege to serve our therapists and therapy seekers, and maintain the greatest respect for the courageous healing that care seekers pursue.

11. Stay positive. We create a positive environment for exceptional, caring people to thrive and be happy.

12. Practice integrity and value trust. We say what we mean and mean what we say. We are honest and forthcoming with ourselves, each other, and our customers. We value clients' trust of our providers, our team's trust of each other, and providers' trust of the company.