User testimonials

We're so happy to hear from therapy seekers who have used our platform to connect with therapists who are a great fit for them!

My first therapy session was moving and powerful. I felt like I already knew her style and what to expect thanks to Zencare.

I had truly been putting off the search of finding a new therapist. It can be time consuming and then once your find someone and get on their schedule, you may find they are not the right person for you.

Zencare's website and video introductions from therapists was exactly what I was looking for. I could research on my own time table and engage when ready. I am excited for our next session.

— Branding professional

My therapist is phenomenal. I’ve made more progress in a short period of time than I have with any other therapist I’ve seen in the past. I loved being able to watch videos to find someone whom I felt I could connect with.

This is my third time in therapy. The first time was successful to a degree because it was set up through my primary physician's office. More recently, I tried to find a therapist through my insurer's site and it was a terrible experience. We didn't match well at all in terms of our personalities, using my insurance was difficult even though I found her through their website, and it was just an uncomfortable experience overall.

I recently decided to go back to therapy and found Zencare through Facebook. I liked that I could search by the type of therapist, location and whether they accepted my insurance. I loved being able to watch videos to find someone who I felt I could connect with and who would be able to help me.

Thank you so much for creating this site. I would definitely recommend Zencare to others. It's such a great service!

— Cancer survivor

This is the first time I sought to find a therapist. Zencare made it easy and inviting, and my therapist is amazing.

In the past I have tried, but never took action. My therapist's tips on anxiety management have really improved my quality of life and day to day interactions. I am so glad Zencare exists and I hope it becomes a worldwide platform!

— Working professional

I cannot tell you enough how thankful I am that Zencare came into being — it has truly had a great, positive impact on my life.

My life has been personally touched by the simple design behind Zencare and its focus on lessening the burden on the person seeking therapy.

— Brown University undergraduate student

My therapist is wonderful! I loved getting to know her already via her Zencare page with the video and it was so great to experience what she’s like to work with on the phone.

Zencare made it so easy for me to find a wonderful person to partner with on my health — couldn’t have been an easier process!

— Health coach

I contacted a therapist on Monday night and had a call back and appointment on the books by Tuesday. Thank you so much for creating this site!

I've been searching for a therapist for a few months and have had really frustrating experiences thus far. This site was so simple which I really appreciate. Thank you thank you again for creating an intuitive, beautiful, and easy to use website!

— Anonymous client

LOVE Zencare. The therapist I spoke with was very patient, thoughtful, insightful and kind.

Therapist was incredibly kind, compassionate, and thoughtful. I LOVE that you can schedule an initial consultation with someone within 24 hours, and they get back to you right away.

— Anonymous client

Such a refreshingly easy process. So glad Zencare was recommended to me by a friend. I'll never search for a provider without it again!

— Anonymous client

The ability to make appointments without having to get on the phone was such a relief.

Finding a therapist in a new area is super stressful and it can be really difficult to get a feel for both the facilities themselves and the therapist. Zencare was such a great resource. Having the ability to watch videos of not only the doctor but their offices as well was so so so helpful in narrowing down and choosing what I felt was going to be right for me. Also, the ability to make appointments without having to get on the phone was such a relief as well, especially while feeling anxious.

Basically, just,
thank you. This is a great service, and a great relief.

— Brown University undergraduate student

There’s a human thing in seeing a face and hearing a voice and knowing you can talk to them.

My phone consultation was excellent! I have recommended Zencare to multiple friends. For me, once I used the "insurance" and "accepting new clients" filters, I found just watching every testimony most helpful. Thank you so much for your help!

— Anonymous client

Dear Zencare, I feel taken care of already, before even meeting with the therapist, due to your excellent services.

Your suggestion helped me present what I'd really like to address in my phone consult, and I liked my therapist's responses.

— Anonymous client

Without Zencare, I would have been overwhelmed, but with their website I was able to filter and find the best match.

Zencare is an amazing website that made the process of finding a therapist near campus so much easier for me. Also, when there was a slight scheduling glitch in setting up an initial phone call, Zencare’s concierge team helped me immediately, even though the glitch wasn’t whatsoever their fault! They replied to each of my emails within a few minutes and just have amazing customer service all around.

— Brown University undergraduate student

Thank. You. This platform is fantastic!  The video aspect totally sealed the deal for me. I have reached out to a therapist who I think would mesh well with my personality and my needs.

I wouldn't have been able to do that with any other search method. I am so thrilled to have stumbled across it! Thank you for creating such a wonderful tool.

— Anonymous client

My therapist and I connected and set up an appointment for next week :) thanks so much for making it happen. Zencare is the best.

- University student

Thank you for helping the process of finding a therapist be a lot less daunting and nerve-racking. I had a good experience and thanks to it I am not so worried about my appointment next week!

Great system!

—Anonymous client

The website is easy to use and access, and it takes a lot of the stress out of finding a therapist, which is already stigmatized by “society.”

Zencare is so wonderful! I love that there are pictures of the actual offices on each therapists website, and the concierge team is super friendly and helpful.

- RISD Student

My phone consultation with my therapist was great! He immediately identified my needs and challenges and expressed how he could help.

His energy was great and exactly what I needed at the moment. Zencare was suggested to me by a friend and I am glad that I took this step to try it out and found my therapist. I have a follow-up appointment setup and, to be honest, this next step is providing me hope in a time that is tremendously difficult for me.

— Anonymous client

It was extremely easy to find someone who takes my insurance on Zencare.

I had been looking for an off-campus therapist all summer, but the list of providers that my insurance company sent me was outdated. Zencare made it easy.

— Anonymous client

I was able to speak with a therapist the same day I discovered Zencare and have an appointment with her next week.

Things are really looking up for me, and I’m thankful for your role in that!

— Brown University undergraduate student

I was very pleased with the ability to talk with our therapist prior to making our appointment.

Everything went smoothly. I think your website is great. Thanks!

— Parent

AMAZING! Very detailed and easy to find a therapist just right for you and your specific needs.

The 10 minute phone call was a great touch because it allows you to get an idea of whether or not the therapist is right for you without wasting a trip and initial session fee.

— Anonymous client

I am so grateful for what you have created. Asking for help is hard. Everyone needs a little help now and then asking for help.

When you go through therapy, you have to be open to being vulnerable with a complete stranger. It requires trust, hard work, and dedication. It can take a long time to get through the history of you. That's why so many people avoid it all together. How do you know if you picked the right person to help you?

Zencare helps you have better odds at finding the right fit. There is so much information at your fingertips. It helps you feel confident about your choice and the team helps you navigate the process if you're not sure what you're looking for.

— Graphic designer and business owner

I am grateful to have found a site that is focused on connecting clients with therapists that honor ALL of their needs, including spiritual.

I haven't met with the therapist just yet, but I have a good feeling about it and am rather excited.

—22 year old female

I found my Zencare experience to be very effective and professional! The therapist I contacted called me on time and I really appreciated the quick introductory chat because in the past I have had a lot of trouble getting in touch with therapists.

Zencare made this process so easy and less daunting. I am looking forward to meeting my her in person in a few weeks to continue this process!

— Graduate student

We suggest Zencare to all the students who ask for tips on finding off-campus therapists.

We love Zencare and students are loving this approach. They find it so helpful.

— Brown University mental health student group leader

I have always been frustrated by the struggle patients AND doctors face in trying to find mental health resources. I just wanted to say that your site is AWESOME.

I am spreading it around to the residency programs as well as the fellowship programs in RI, if they don't already know about you.

- Pediatric emergency medical fellow

The psychiatrist I spoke with was an excellent listener, compassionate and responsive. I was very grateful for the time she shared with me.

We have set up an appointment for my daughter in the next few weeks.

— Anonymous client

The website is very easy to navigate and helps make your decision on which therapist to choose so simple.

I enjoyed my first conversation with my therapist and am looking forward to meeting!

— Working professional

I show the website to students to help them schedule a phone consult on the spot.

It helps to know they took that first step and reduces the anxiety of reaching out.

— University Counseling Services clinician

This provides a way to quicken seeing a therapist and makes the whole process so much easier.

I had a really good experience with Zencare! I like the website a lot.

— Medical social worker

Greta was professional and very helpful!! Zencare scheduled phone consult is great. There is no wondering when the doctor will call as the phone call is scheduled AND a reminder is sent. Great experience!

— Anonymous client

The site is awesome! Easy to navigate and filter to our needs, thorough information about each provider, and an easy way to connect with them!

— Anonymous client

I was so overwhelmed and it was so helpful to see your video.

— Anonymous client

My experience with Zencare was wonderful!

My psychiatrist was warm kind and very helpful. He also prescribed medicine that is starting work immediately! Thank you so much!!!

- Anonymous client

I wish there had been a service like this when I searched for therapists in the past, this made things much easier!

Our phone consultation went well, and we just had our appointment today. Thank you!

—Anonymous client

I was sitting down with a freshman friend who mentioned that Zencare was the reason he was able to find a therapist in Providence.

I mentioned that I knew you and he asked me to pass on some anonymous thanks from him.

— Brown University undergraduate student

I’m so thrilled that this product exists!

I'm a software engineer and I was considering building it myself until I found this service. Trying to find therapists is incredibly time consuming, and frustrating. Particularly as someone who suffers from chronic depression.

— Software engineer / chronic depression sufferer

Thanks very much for an excellent platform that assembles all available therapists and makes choosing so straightforward.

The Zencare site was extremely helpful to us in finding a therapist; the videos are especially good. We have our first in-person session next week, and we're really looking forward to it.

— Anonymous client

Fantastic ease of speaking with and then scheduling with a provider based on brief consultation. Wonderful service for patients (and I assume for providers as well!).

Makes the whole process of finding a therapist who is a good match, geographically convenient, and who takes your insurance a whole lot easier.

— Anonymous client

This is such a great resource, especially because of the list of conditions the providers are each experienced in treating, as well as the treatment approaches listed right there.

There are so many barriers to people accessing mental health care, and they find once they do that the providers may not treat or have as much focus on their symptoms or types of concerns. This makes everything super easy. Just wanted to say thank you!

— Anonymous client

What you are doing is really great, and WAY overdue. Thank you so much for your commitment to helping others get, and remain well.

If there were a bit more of this in society, our world would be a much different place! So again, thank you!

— Group practice administrator

This website is exactly the resource I’ve been looking for for so long! Thank you for all your help, Zencare!

— Anonymous client

I’ve told a gazillion people about Zencare. It’s such a great service!

— Anonymous client

This has been such a great, efficient service experience.

— Anonymous client

It was so positive and eye opening. The provider I spoke with was able to point me in the right direction!

Very grateful! Thank you so much!

— Anonymous client

Your website made finding a provider SO MUCH easier. I remember looking for someone in the area 3 years ago and being overwhelmed with disjointed and out of date information. You provide an invaluable service, so thank you!

— Anonymous client

Process was easy, she called exactly on time. It was a quick and easy phone call and set up an appointment for next week. Hopefully it works well from there!

— Anonymous client

The Zencare experience was really good. It’s nice to have a brief consultation call and to go into therapy informed about the clinician’s practice and approach.

— Anonymous client

One individual expressed great appreciation for the great timing of her discovery of Zencare at a crucial time in her life. The other individual reported that Zencare had facilitated her younger sibling’s success at locating a therapist after many failed attempts in the past.

I am sure there are many, many more stories out there like these. Thanks for making a difference!

— Therapist

I am extremely grateful to the person who initially told me about Zencare which has been a terrific thing!

— Anonymous client

Zencare is absurdly convenient and user-friendly. If I could, I would invest in this company.

— Working professional

I found a therapist and I have a meeting with her to see if she and I click. Thank you for the help. I couldn’t have found her without this service!

— Anonymous client

Thank you for this fantastic service. I have a face to face appointment scheduled for next week.

— Anonymous client

I have an appointment with a therapist I found on your site, which I found to be very user friendly.

— Working professional

My phone consultation all those weeks ago was great — Zencare has worked out wonderfully for me and I’ve been telling so many of my fellow grad students about it!

— Grad student

Just wanted to let you know that I’m using Zencare to find a therapist right now - what a great tool! Made this much simpler than my last search :-)

— Professional

Thank you so much for this service. I’ve used it to find both a therapist and psychiatrist and it really helps streamline an otherwise chaotic process. I referred a friend to you guys and she also found a therapist on the site.

— Recent College Grad

Zencare was easy to use, and made the process of finding a therapist much less intimidating. I’m so glad I found it, and will recommend it! Thanks!

— Anonymous client

As a professional in the operations space, I just wanted to say that I appreciate seeing well-oiled machines. I’ve been really impressed with the systems in place and I just wanted to say great job on how you’ve structure the process of setting up appointment, etc. Great job and keep up the good work!

— Working professional

I found your service really great to use. Thank you!

— Anonymous client

The phone consultation went super well! It was a great conversation and we have an appointment moving forward. Thanks so much.

— Brown University student

My interaction with Zencare was short but positive and served to instill a sense of hope. Thank you so much.

— Working professional /Parent

It was great to have the chance to speak with more than just one person, to figure out with which one I connected better with.

— Working professional

It was very easy and wonderfully informative. Being able to see and hear the therapist and get a picture of their office. Fantastic, I highly recommend!!

— Anonymous client

I had a great conversation with the therapist and have scheduled an appointment. She was kind and helpful.

— Mother of client

Very comforted Kelly was able to hone in on my issues which are pretty common. I felt comfortable I could work with Kelly after this one relatively short conversation.

— Anonymous client

User friendly, made the initially daunting task of trying to find a therapist that helped with specific issues, accessible and close in location, and covered by my insurance so much easier. The initial phone consult was also very helpful in determining if the therapist was a good fit for me.

— Anonymous client

I liked that the therapist had some information about what I am experiencing before our phone call. It made me more comfortable. I had my first meeting with my therapist and she was similar to how she is described/introduces herself on the Zencare website. Based off of my experience I would recommend Zencare to others seeking mental health services.

— Anonymous client

This is great, especially compared to some of the ridiculous insurance-based search platforms I’ve tried. Very cool, and much appreciated :)

— Anonymous client

Amazing well thought out service!!! Thank you!!

— Anonymous client

This is a great way to start the relationship. The call was on time and helpful.

— Anonymous client

Very positive experience so far. Looking forward to meeting with my new counselor!

— Working professional

Great site! I love the filtering and the inclusion of videos is a great personal touch. Thanks for all the hard work you folks put in!

— Anonymous client