Therapist Testimonials

We're honored to work with amazing therapists!

Zencare has definitely been the most valuable tool I’ve used thus far. Thanks for all your help!

– Therapist, CPC (New York)

I really appreciate all the information that Zencare puts out! It's been super helpful as I'm new to private practice.

– Social Worker, LICSW (DC)

I appreciate the exposure Zencare has given me so far.

... I really do appreciate all of the support and client context I have gotten from you all so far!

– Social Worker, LCSW (Los Angeles)

I very highly recommend your services to clients who are looking for other services for family members or friends looking for therapists.

I really appreciate your client-centered searches. I think it really helps to empower them to ask the right questions and seek out a good fit.

– Counselor, LMHC (Westchester)

I have found Zencare to be a tremendous resource for finding out about telehealth coverage, limits of coverage, and licensure across state lines. It has been a godsend in a sea of unclear information.

Please keep up the amazing work! I know the Zencare team is greatly appreciated by so many providers and patients!

– Psychologist, PhD (Rhode Island)

I'm feeling really great about my decision to join Zencare, and it seems to have had a quick return on my investment.

– Counselor, LMFT (Pasadena)

Belonging to the Zencare community has given me an increased sense of stability and connection.  

– Therapist, LCAT (New York)

I’ve absolutely recommended Zencare to all my colleagues because it feeds a good, solid base of clients who are engaged, want to get better, and really see the value in therapy.

I started my private practice last year and and am completely full. I'm increasing my hours in private practice and am excited to see what it brings!

— Social Worker, LICSW (Rhode Island)

I am thrilled to be on this platform and love the clients I have been receiving. So much so that I think I will be expanding my practice into a group practice soon!

— Social Worker, LCSW (New York)

It made total sense to me. If I only got one patient from it then it would justify the investment.

Plus I don't have to maintain my own website. I like it much better than Psychology Today. It's less stodgy!

— Psychiatrist, MD (Massachusetts)

I am full after only a moment of being back on Zencare!  Thanks so much for being such a great way to market!!

– Counselor, LMHC (Rhode Island) 

This is brilliant. I have had such a great experience with every person I’ve interacted with at Zencare. What an amazing experience! I’m telling my therapist friends all about you!

— Social Worker, LCSW (New York)

I can't tell you how much energy my Practice has been infused since joining your platform.  I am definitely ready to ditch Psychology Today...  I have never received so many quality referrals.

— Social Worker, LCSW (Illinois)

Thank you for the time and care you put into it - I’ve enjoyed every person from your company I’ve worked with. I’m glad to be a part of the community.

— Psychologist, PsyD (Washington DC)

Zencare has been a Godsend. I’m booked three months out.

Clients say they appreciate being able to see videos of therapists and that the website is easy to use. You guys have sent me more clients than any other listing.

— Counselor, LMHC (Rhode Island)

Fantastic! I love Zencare, I’m so happy so far with the success rate for referrals and also for your phenomenal customer service!

— Psychologist, PsyD (Massachusetts)

My experience with Zencare has been phenomenal. I feel nothing but grateful for Zencare and I’m so glad that I’m part of the community.

The clients I get from you are looking to improve themselves and their lives in meaningful ways. I have nothing but positive reviews. Without Zencare, I don’t know that I would have been as confident leaving my hospital job.

— Social Worker, LICSW (Rhode Island)

I receive some of my most wonderfully motivated clients from Zencare referrals.

Please extend my gratitude to your staff as I know there are many folks involved in making this fine system work. I couldn’t be happier being part of the Zencare family.

Thank you for all that you do to make my practice so successful.

— Social worker, LICSW (Rhode Island)

Zencare has been a wonderful source of referrals. Every client I have received has been motivated and interesting.

They are more invested in who they are seeing because they have the ability to navigate the system; they feel they have a choice with Zencare.

— Social Worker, LICSW (Rhode Island)

Zencare is a boon to any therapist lucky enough to be invited. Because it is so incredibly user-friendly, Zencare is a huge asset to any clinical practice; referrals are easily increased.

I refer clients back to Zencare when my practice is full and tell friends and family to use the site to find a therapist. They all say it's amazing.

— Psychologist, PhD (Rhode Island)

Zencare increases my value in the community because it highlights only select, talented clinicians. It enables me to work with people who make permanent change in their lives.

On other therapist websites, we are lost in hundreds, vying for patients. Clients have no confidence when searching that you might be a better choice over another profile. Because Zencare’s website is beautiful, the clinicians are vetted, and it highlights only select, incredibly talented therapists and MDs, it increases my value in the community. The technical support is incredible and I find that I can shape my practice as new patients enter into a fulfilling, successful office.

The monthly fee is minimal compared to my ability to choose my patients and their potential to improve. Burnout can cost your practice, your happiness and your own mental health. A website like Zencare allows you to cultivate your ideal practice bringing that original inspiration that drew you to this career.

— Psychiatrist, MD (Rhode Island)

These profiles are wonderful! Great job with the photos and write-ups. You’ve done a great job managing this process.

Thanks for all your work.

— Group practice administrator (Massachusetts)

I saw a marked increase in my income as I was doing taxes this year. I told my tax accountant my secret tool is Zencare!

The service you’re offering is filling a much needed gap and it’s great, so congratulations and keep up the good work.

— Holistic Therapist (Rhode Island)

Zencare clients have followed through on their first intake appointment and continued with therapy.

Clients say it’s great to see what the therapist is like and that the site is easy to navigate. I've been so busy since joining Zencare, which is great!

— Social Worker, LICSW (Rhode Island)

My compliments to you and your staff for putting this together.  Your photographer was very tolerant of my struggles in front of the camera!

— Mental Health Counselor, LMHC (Rhode Island)

You guys are really pros start to finish. You do what you say you are going to do and you really know what you're doing. From the clinical team conversation to the script edits. Thank you so much, I've been so impressed!

— Social Worker, LCSW (New York)

I much appreciate your wonderful work and knowledgable support to both the clinicians participating in Zencare as well as the clients. Your platform is doing a public service by its thoughtful education about mental health.

— Social Worker, LCSW (New York)

A few Zencare colleagues and I are starting a small supervisory group. None of us would have known each other if not for Zencare!

The ripple effect is palpable!

— Social Worker, LICSW (Rhode Island)

With Zencare, I’ve seen my practice flourish – both by enriching my caseload with psychologically-minded and motivated clients, and by significantly growing my business.

Your website has been a real windfall for me in all respects. I am going to take an overseas trip this summer thanks to the change in my business in the last year. So, thank you for the opportunity to be of service to a wonderful community!

— Psychologist, PhD (Rhode Island)

I get comments all the time that patients chose me because of the video. I think it’s ingenious. When people are in distress, a video is a much easier means of digesting information than written content.

Even clients who are referred to me personally tell me they Google search me and end up choosing me because of the video.

— Child, Adolescent, Adult Psychiatrist, MD (Rhode Island)

Not only are you helping individuals find therapists, you are helping therapists get to know one another, too!

The amount of effort you are putting into developing and nurturing Zencare is remarkable.

— Psychologist, PhD

We are super amazed and excited by the number of referrals so far! We are happy to be onboard.

— Group practice owner

I am loving being a part of Zencare! Besides providing a steady stream of referrals, my new clients tell me they could really get a feel for me by viewing the profile and watching the video.

I also find the listserv helpful when I have a referral question. And I love the reminders for the phone consults — they are super helpful!

— Psychologist, PhD

And I’m happy to be able to say ” I knew zencare when....!” Love this growth for all of you, and for your making healthcare easy to access for all. What a gift ALL of you are!

— Psychologist, PhD

I'm very happy with my experience with Zencare on many levels. I've gotten great new patients and everyone at Zencare couldn't be nicer so thank you!

It was a really good decision for me in regards to where I was in my practice. I've been able to get my practice information out to a population I couldn't reach before (millennials) and it's been a really good fit for me and them. So thank you again!

— Licensed Clinical Social Worker, LCSW

The event the other night was fantastic and it was so great to meet the people I refer to and talk with them about their passions.

People were talking everywhere about Zencare and what it is and its brilliant concept and platform. I told them I know in my heart this will be a national effort eventually that has been missing and your inspiration will be landscape changing for psychology. So be proud. You are going to change the world. I truly believe in your cause, what you are doing, and know how you are working your ass off. So thank you.

— Psychiatrist, MD

You are worth it.

(In response to our membership payment confirmation email.)

— Psychologist, PhD

To all our therapists -
Thank you. It's an honor to work with you!