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Frequently Asked Questions – For Clients

How do Zencare testimonials work?

After you contact a provider via Zencare, we give you the option to share an anonymous testimonial and/or feedback about your experience. If you choose to share a testimonial, it may be published to the provider's public profile. Private feedback to the provider will not be published.

Your name and email will not be shared with the provider or on the profile if published; please do not include any personally identifying information in your testimonial.

What are the benefits of testimonials?

High quality of care is Zencare’s priority. Before a provider joins our network, our team conducts a full license and background check and interviews them about their clinical experience and treatment approach. Collecting constructive feedback allows us to ensure that our network of therapists provides excellent care on an ongoing basis. More importantly, testimonials give prospective clients information about a provider’s approach and style, helping them determine which provider might be best for them.

How are Zencare testimonials different?

Zencare user testimonials have been submitted by clients after they contact a provider. Our goal is to share testimonials that are fair, accurate, and trustworthy.

Two things set our testimonials apart:

  • Our testimonials come from real clients, collected through closed-loop systems. In a closed-loop system, every testimonial is written by an actual client, after they have used Zencare to connect with the provider. This differs from an open-loop system, in which testimonials can be written by anyone such as people who have never actually seen the provider, or even by the provider's friends.
  • We ask for constructive, private feedback on behalf of providers. It can be difficult for providers to improve their practice if a client suddenly stops returning for appointments without any stated reason or feedback. At the same time, it it against the code of ethics for certain therapist professions to solicit written testimonials from clients. We give clients a platform to provide constructive, anonymous, private feedback to providers so therapists can improve their practices.

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