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Master of Arts in Clinical Psychology, MA
Communication issues- Existential crisis & challenges- LGBTQIA, gender, & sexuality topics- Life transitions-Childhood trauma-Life purpose & meaning-
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Professional statement

Dr. Christopher Chaffin is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist located in Long Beach, CA. Chris specializes in helping clients grapple with the many existential questions that arise throughout adulthood. This can include moments where clients feel overwhelmed when considering the many choices they’ve made in their lives, who they include in their lives, and where they’re currently headed. Many clients start therapy to explore their identities and to gain a better understanding of what’s gotten them to their current stage. Sometimes, feeling confused or unfulfilled on a daily basis can lead to mental health conditions like depression, addiction, or low self-esteem.

Chris helps his clients explore these existential questions and find insight into what they want, who they are, and where they want to go. His approach is existential-humanistic, however he integrates other therapy modalities to meet the diverse needs of his clients. He encourages clients to reflect on what brings their emotions to the forefront and understand why those emotions matter. Chris’ goal is to offer authentic, compassionate therapy services for clients of all identities and backgrounds. He has experience working with LGBTQI+ individuals and those in non-monogamous relationships.

Chris earned his Master of Arts in Clinical Psychology, MFT Specialization and his Doctor of Psychology in Marital and Family Therapy from the Chicago School of Professional Psychology. His background includes experience in low-income community psychology and dual-diagnosis residential work. Besides running a therapy practice, Chris is an adjunct professor of graduate psychology and loves learning more about the world, his patients, and himself as a therapist.

Message to clients

Life is full of big questions that we all struggle with at some point or another. Who am I? What do I want? Why do I feel, think, or do what I do? What’s the point?

When we’re faced with these questions, a spark is ignited within us. Therapy is an opportunity to nurture that spark by exploring these questions with someone who can help you think through new perspectives and ideas to define an existence that is uniquely yours. It’s also an opportunity to connect with a person in an authentic, supportive, safe way.

As a therapist, I operate from an existential-humanistic foundation with an integrative approach to the tools we’ll use to address the treatment goals arrived at through our collaboration. To paraphrase Socrates, a life unexamined is a life unlived. To him, identifying and acknowledging the limitations in our knowledge was a necessary first step on the journey to true knowledge. In this process, Socrates was demonstrating that a life examined is a life well lived. Understanding ourselves through therapeutic exploration allows us to put words to what we see, think, and feel. With those words can come the power to motivate ourselves, make healthier decision, and to grow.

I’m here to help you figure it out. I will not judge you, but I will ask you questions that may force you to challenge your thoughts and beliefs in order to help you unravel what you’re thinking, feeling, and experiencing so that we can help you take steps forward.

Work and Education

Years of Experience: 8 years

The Chicago School of Professional Psychology, Doctor of Psychology in Marital and Family Therapy, 2022
The Chicago School of Professional Psychology, Master of Arts in Clinical Psychology, MFT Specialization, 2016


California: 115225




Communication issues - Developing effective interpersonal skills in relationships withpartners, families, and co-workers; using healthy methods of communication to convey needs and respond to others

Existential crisis & challenges - Supportive exploration of meaning and purpose in one’s life; finding one’s path in the face of existential anxiety, dread, and feelings of meaninglessness

LGBTQIA, gender, & sexuality topics - Exploring topics of sexuality, gender, and identity; coping with discrimination and oppression; navigating relationship, family, and cultural challenges

Life transitions - Coping with difficult or impactful life changes, such as moving to a new area, relationship transitions, child rearing, or career changes; learning self-care to better manage resulting stress

Childhood trauma - Learning how traumatic events in childhood can translate into adulthood; processing through difficult memories with the goal of moving past the experience and lingering symptoms

Life purpose & meaning - Exploring one’s beliefs and values around life purpose, meaning, and spirituality; addressing the barriers to living a life that feels fulfilling, including instigating change or developing new habits


  • Adults (24+)
  • Couples
  • Families
  • Parents
  • Seniors (65+)
  • Teenagers (13-18)
  • Young adults (18-24)

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Chris Chaffin is not in-network with any insurances.

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Out-of-pocket fees

  • Individual sessions:$300 (50min)
  • Couples sessions:$350 (50min)
  • Family sessions:$350 (50min)