Adult Adoptees: Connecting the Pieces


I'm especially honored to run this group because I'm a mental health provider AND an adoptee!

As adoptees we often feel disconnected- like there's a piece missing. We feel "off" on a regular basis and wonder where we belong, which leads us to question our own value, identity and ability to maintain relationships.

If you're and adult adoptee wanting to learn, listen and connect with other adoptees, this is the group for you!

What you'll get from this group:

A safe space to explore difficult subjects

A platform to tell your story, uninterrupted

A community of people that understands

Useful information, tools and resources

And much more...!

Please forward this on to your network and contact me with any questions! I look forward to serving my community with much needed support within the adoption constellation!

Group Therapist

Delaney Menell is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist located in West Lake Hills, TX. Her speciality is supporting clients through major life transitions, including breaking out of toxic relationships or relationship patterns, coming out to friends or family members, finding fulfillment in high-stress careers, putting perfectionism behind, or growing self-love. Delaney also works closely with those who either went through or are about to go through the adoption process, helping adults feel comfortable in their various identities.

With all of the identity-based work that Delaney does with her clients in session, she emphasizes the strengths that each person has and how those strengths play out in daily life. She also helps clients recognize if they’ve been through any trauma and develops healthy coping skills to make sure they don’t feel stuck. When there are past adverse experiences involved, Delaney brings her training in Trauma-Focused Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) into the conversation to support the client through breaking out of negative self-talk and growing self-acceptance.

Delaney’s approach is direct, collaborative, and informative, giving clients not only deeper insight into themselves but also teaching skills to regulate emotions, set boundaries with the self and others, and bring joy into all aspects of life.

Delaney Menell

Tuesdays 7pm-8:30pm

Texas, USA

$65 per session of $500 upfront