Women’s Group: Overcoming Stress & Anxiety to Feel More Joy


Are you feeling stressed and anxious? Does your negative self-talk keep you up at night? Do you want to feel more intimacy and depth of connection with your children and husband? Do you feel like your partner is more interested in what you got at the grocery store than you? Do you want to feel more general light-heartedness and joy, to be able to go with the flow more?

Do you feel like you are either in reactive mode operating from a space of “should” versus “wants and cans," feeling a sense of duty and obligation versus fun and interesting to you? Do you want to feel less irritable and angry, leading to a sense of guilt and shame? Do you want to stop going from 0 to 60 feeling frustrated and impatient, yelling at your kids or spouse? Does it make you feel bad about it and yourself?

In this four-week small group experience, you will:

- Learn tools to feel a clear sense of direction, purpose and balance in your life.

- Look at the triggers in your life and how you can learn from them and use that awareness to change old patterns.

- Feel more confident, grounded and serene.

- Understand your kids and partner better so you can be there for them and for them and that they will know and understand that.

Group Therapist

Dr. Maureen Magauran is a board-certified Adult Psychiatrist in Danvers, MA who provides boutique holistic psychiatry and psychotherapy to young adults, professionals, and parents. As a holistic psychiatrist, Dr. Magauran centers care around client well-being, providing talk therapy with or without medication management as needed. She brings over 20 years of western medical training and 10 years of training in meditation and eastern approaches to her practice, making her uniquely poised to help clients seeking alternative support to aid in the transition off psychiatric medications.

Many of Dr. Magauran's clients come to therapy around moments of change, such as starting a new job, ending a relationship, or becoming a parent. During these major life transitions, shifting roles and self-perception can lead to increased symptoms of depression and anxiety or the resurgence of earlier traumatic experiences. Rather than relying solely on medication, Dr. Magauran helps clients to build coping skills and design a daily routine that is supportive to their emotional growth, looking at sleep, diet, social connectivity, and mindfulness practices.

Dr. Magauran’s integrative treatment approach makes the most of both traditional psychiatric and psychotherapeutic techniques, alongside progressive tools such as meditation, energy work and spirituality. She blends body-based therapies with other evidence-based approaches, including Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) and psychodynamic therapy. She is additionally certified in Inner Space Techniques (IST), a guided meditation process that helps clients access deeper levels of consciousness so they can see and experience how their present emotional blockages and conditioned behavior or negative patterns began.

Alongside her general holistic psychiatry practice, Dr. Magauran has given numerous talks on death and bereavement. She completed a Psychoanalytical Psychotherapy Fellowship at the Boston Psychoanalytic Society and Institute and had Psychiatry specialty training at the Boston University Medical Center. She received her MD from the Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland and her BA from Yale University. Dr. Magauran has a passion for learning and has completed over 10,000 hours of personal development and transformation work since medical school. She is continually studying the latest alternative approaches including Functional Medicine and Integrative and Nutritional Psychiatry to bring even more expertise and support to her patients and clients.

Maureen Magauran

Dr. Maureen Magauran is a board-certified Adult Psychiatrist in Danvers, MA who specializes in anxiety, depression, life transitions, and life coaching. She describes herself as a holistic Psychiatrist and practices a mind-body approach.

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