T.H.R.I.V.E Trauma informed Women's Group


Learning to cope with change, trauma and loss can be a rattling experience.

Through change, we often explore meaning, inner knowledge, boundaries, and intention.

THRIVE is a trauma-informed support group, connecting and supporting women on their journey of self-discovery, and balance.

In this group, we'll explore and make actionable the concepts behind T.H.R.I.V.E

Through, Heartache and Hurdles, Revisiting, Intentional, Versions of our Experience.

All members will be screened for appropriate fit and safety.

registration closes 4/25 early registration encouraged.

The group starts Thursday 04/29 at 6 pm and will run 10 weeks

The group is limited to 12 participants (5 spaces remain)

You may be able to use your insurance benefit to cover your Group sessions

(United, Optum, Oscar, Aetna- NOT Beacon, BCBS)

The group in $50 per session

Group Therapist

Kristina Hamilton is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker who welcomes young adults and adults across the lifespan to her practice in Long Beach, NY.  In addition to in-office sessions, Kristina offers walk-and-talk sessions outdoors, as well as remote video sessions for busy professionals and parents in the states of New York, Florida, and Virginia.

Kristina provides specialized support in anxiety, trauma, and career and work stress, approaching each client’s concern through the lens of active mindfulness. Many of her clients are navigating significant transitions, such as adjusting to life during and after college or managing a move to New York City.

Kristina takes a holistic approach to treatment, tailoring her treatment plan to each client by spending time learning about their background and goals. She is trained in evidence-based cares such as Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), which provides clients with the tools to manage their stressors and adapt across various environments in healthy ways.

In addition to her general private practice, Kristina has an expertise in working with U.S. veterans and individuals in the NYC fire department, as well as their spouses and older children.

Kristina’s warmth and dedication set clients at ease in sessions, paving the way for collaboration and authentic internal growth throughout their time together. She looks forward to working with you.

Kristina Hamilton

Kristina Hamilton is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker in Long Beach, NY who specializes in trauma, anxiety, mindfulness, college and graduate student mental health, career counseling, and parenting. She also has extensive experience working with individuals who are navigating major transitions as well as professional firefighters and veterans and/or their spouses and older children.

Thursdays at 6pm. (NY and Florida Licensed)

New York, NY, USA